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XLN Audio

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XOpak Preheated
Hip-hop, lo-fi chillout and jazz-beats & samples
Addictive Drums 2 Studio Collection
For great-sounding drums, whatever the genre
Addictive Drums 2 Pop Collection
High-end drums for a luxurious sound
Addictive Drums 2 Soul and RnB Collection
Classic soul to Nu-Soul and beats for the streets
Addictive Drums 2 Jazz Collection
From cool jazz to hard bop to swing and brushes
Addictive Drums 2 Rock Collection
Purest American rock straight from the source
Addictive Drums 2 Classic Rock Collection
Addictive Drums 2 Heavy Rock Collection
Addictive Drums 2 Metal Collection
Raw power meets extreme technicality
Addictive Drums 2 Percussion Collection
Atmospheric and organic, add interest to your productions
Addictive Drums 2 Breaks & Beats Collection
Funk to hip hop to DnB and everything in between
Addictive Drums 2 Custom XXL Collection
Get started with an Addictive Drums 2 Collection
Addictive Drums 2 Custom XL Collection
Addictive Drums 2 Custom Collection
XO Lite
Revolutionary Beatmaking Tool at an affordable Price
5.0 of 5
Sample Explorer, Beat Maker & Drum Instrument
Addictive Trigger: Drum Vault
Essential expansion for Addictive Trigger
Addictive Trigger & Drum Vault Bundle
RC-20 Retro Color
Adds life and texture inspired by classic gear
Addictive Trigger
Intelligent “All in One” Drum Replacer
DS-10 Drum Shaper
Transient Shaper for Drums
XOpak Pastel Punch
Punchy starter beats for poppy club tracks
XOpak Ultra Bionic
Techno & electro. Artful noises and beats.
XOpak Oscillations
Alt-pop Electronica & Melodic Tech House
Addictive Keys Duo Bundle
Two Addictive Keys Pianos of your choice