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Vir2 (by Big Fish)

Vir2 (by Big Fish)-Logo
Aura: Atmospheric Drone Builder
Easily create the perfect Drones, Pads, and Soundscapes
Acoustic Legends HD
Extensive Anthology of Acoustic Guitar Legends
Phoenix: Rise, Hit & Whoosh Builder
The Vir2 Guitar Bundle
Six incredibly powerful virtual guitar libraries
The Vir2 Signature Bundle
The Ultimate Vir2 Virtual Instrument Collection
MOJO: Horn Section Bundle
Both editions of the greatest Horn Libraries in one bundle
MOJO 2 Horn Section
The Ultimate Pro Horn Collection
Vital Series: Sticks
Different stick types played on various "found" objects
Vital Series: Mallets
Essential tuned percussion
Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer
Superior Choirs, Solo Singers & Sound Design
Apollo: Cinematic Guitars
An Orchestra of Guitarists at your Fingertips
Acou6tics Electri6ity Bundle
Acou6tics and Electri6ity in a bundle
The acoustic sequel to the award-winning Electri6ity!
Cinematic Thunder
Ultimate Epic Toms Percussion
Eight of the most famous and most distinctive guitar sounds!
MOJO: Horn Section
Genre crossing brass library in 24-bit stereo quality!
Elite Orchestral Percussion
250 Traditional and unusual percussion instruments!
Unusual & special violin sounds - crazy articulations & FX!
55.0 of 5
Huge sound library for film, games, and much more.
World Impact: Global Percussion
Percussion instruments from around the world.
Huge collection of Bass for all styles of music!
VI One
Vast Collection of Instruments across every Musical Style.
Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar
New and innovative acoustic guitar articulations & FX