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Vir2 (by Big Fish)

Vir2 (by Big Fish)-Logo
Aura: Atmospheric Drone Builder
Easily create the perfect Drones, Pads, and Soundscapes
Acoustic Legends HD
Extensive Anthology of Acoustic Guitar Legends
The Vir2 Guitar Bundle
Six incredibly powerful virtual guitar libraries
The Vir2 Signature Bundle
The Ultimate Vir2 Virtual Instrument Collection
MOJO: Horn Section Bundle
Both editions of the greatest Horn Libraries in one bundle
MOJO 2 Horn Section
The Ultimate Pro Horn Collection
Vital Series: Sticks
Different stick types played on various "found" objects
Vital Series: Mallets
Essential tuned percussion
Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer
Superior Choirs, Solo Singers & Sound Design
Apollo: Cinematic Guitars
An Orchestra of Guitarists at your Fingertips
Acou6tics Electri6ity Bundle
Acou6tics and Electri6ity in a bundle
The acoustic sequel to the award-winning Electri6ity!
Cinematic Thunder
Ultimate Epic Toms Percussion
Eight of the most famous and most distinctive guitar sounds!
MOJO: Horn Section
Genre crossing brass library in 24-bit stereo quality!
Elite Orchestral Percussion
250 Traditional and unusual percussion instruments!
Unusual & special violin sounds - crazy articulations & FX!
4.2 of 5
Huge sound library for film, games, and much more.
World Impact: Global Percussion
Percussion instruments from around the world.
Huge collection of Bass for all styles of music!
VI One
Vast Collection of Instruments across every Musical Style.
Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar
New and innovative acoustic guitar articulations & FX