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Vienna Software Package USB Stick

Vienna Software Package USB Stick



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This USB stick carries all currently available VSL software products (Installers only - no software licenses!):

  • Vienna Instruments PRO 2
  • Vienna Suite
  • Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 (incl. Epic Orchestra)
  • Vienna MIR PRO / PRO 24
  • Vienna MIR RoomPack 1
  • Vienna MIR RoomPack 2
  • Vienna MIR RoomPack 3
  • Vienna MIR RoomPack 4

All 8 software licenses can be found HERE in a reduced bundle!

Attention! SchildPlease notice carefully:
The product box includes a USB stick just serving as a data carrier for the software installers. It does not include any serial number/license required for runing the software. The software licenses have to be ordered separately if needed.
Alternatively you can download the software installer for free after registering the serial number in your VSL user account.
The USB stick is not a must and does NOT at all replace the ViennaKey (eLicenser by Steinberg) which is required additionally to activate the licenses.

 Specs techniques

The system requirements can be found in the product description or on the manufacturer's website.