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Vielklang 2

Vielklang 2

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AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, VST, Win
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€ 119,-$ 139.00£ 99.00

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Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 is an instrument for easy generation of harmonies from an audio or MIDI melody. The utilization of voice leading and harmony progression models allows vielklang to create harmony parts in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors and makes it a versatile and creative tool for musicians, songwriters and producers.

vielklang utilizes zplane´s widely-used élastique SOLOIST engine for high quality pitch shifting and time stretching.

The new version introduces the following features:

  • advanced pitch editing with direct tool access
  • new sleek interface
  • vibrato and tremolo generator
  • hybrid view for score-like harmony visualization
  • MIDI harmonization
  • multiple file harmonization

Instant Harmony V2.0 & Advanced Pitch Editing
Harmonize your melody with one single click - loading a single-voiced audio file - and create natural-sounding background choirs and brass arrangements.

vielklang Instant Harmony generates harmonies with 2-4 voices. It is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voicings selected to sound most natural (voice leading).

The advanced pitch editing controls (full version only!) give you fast and easy access to pitch, timing, vibrato control, formant shift, and to many more editing options.


It´s all about Music
vielklang "thinks musically" and prepares intelligent voicings. vielklang by zplane is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it automatically detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voicings automatically selected to sound most natural (voice leading). vielklang gives you a natural-sounding result immediately and allows you to concentrate on tweaking the results rather than edit them from scratch as with traditional harmonizers.

Creativity First
Directly interact with the music rather than with the technology. Don´t waste time with tedious configuration of obvious parameters like root note, scale, tuning frequency etc.; let vielklang take care of this with its automatic recognition engines and concentrate on making music! Have complete control over your voicings and musical parameters like harmonies, pitch range and scale.

Discover the Potential
The vielklang audio harmonization instrument is not a harmonizer, but much more! With the vielklang plugin, you can easily generate and trial natural sounding background vocals and brass sections, modify melodies and single-voiced loops in terms of pitch and scale, and experiment with different harmonizations or chords triggered by different MIDI inputs. It allows you to generate up to four voices, edit their harmonies and single pitches, control the playback speed, and convert the audio to MIDI.

Vielklang LE vs. Vielklang Instant Harmony





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Flag DEspaceBEAT 03/2013

Beat Empfehlung

Mit seinen hochwertigen Pitch-Shifting- und Time-Stretching-Algorithmen, musikalischen Bearbeitungsfunktionen und seiner intuitiven Bedienbarkeit setzt vielklang Instant Harmony in puncto Sound und Leistungsfähigkeit Maßstäbe.


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5.0 of 5

erfüllt den zweck voll und ganz, der preis ist zwar im oberen drittel, aber geht in ordnung

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  • OS X 10.6.x
  • 2GB RAM minimum
  • 2.0GHz CPU minimum


  • 2000/XP/Vista/Win7
  • 2GB RAM minimum
  • 2.0GHz CPU minimum

Plugin Formats

  • VST 2.4, RTAS (for ProTools 8 and later)
  • Audio Unit (Mac OS X only)
  • Audio format: single voiced, 1-2 channels
  • File format: wav, aif, aiff, mid


online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).




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