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Versilian Studios

Versilian Studios-Logo

Versilian Studios is a small company devoted to creating unique, well-constructed, and affordable sample libraries for composers. Their product line is mainly centered around orchestral instruments, but they sometimes branch out and include ethnic, rare, and just plain weird instruments.

Chamber Orchestra Professional Edition
An entire orchestra at your fingertips
Chamber Orchestra Standard Edition
Musicmakers Volume 1
10 Folk and World Instruments for Kontakt
Joachim´s Piano
Joachim Horsley´s lovingly-restored 1890's Steinway B
Etherealwinds Harp II
34-string Lever Harp & Tenor Voice Phrases
The Strumstick
Virtual Version of the McNally Strumstick
Bowed Psaltery
20th century re-imagining of the psaltery
Broken Piano
Aging Baldwin Piano painstakingly sampled