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Urbanic II

Urbanic II

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€ 49,50$ 49.13£ 44.05

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Urbanic II—the follow-up to the well known high quality Urbanic collection—is an all new massive release which includes 30 Construction Kits providing 3.8 GB of full-range HipHop music as well as surrounding styles such as Crunk R&B and Dancehall.

All Construction Kits are filled with extraordinary samples, beatz, guitars, basslines, synths, pads, fx sounds and a whole bunch of drum- and Percussion-sounds. Every sample on Urbanic II is labeled with BPM information and root key (key signatures). Furthermore, every kit contains 3 sub-kits and a drum-shots folder, material is organized as follows:

* Main Kit - Includes the main theme, sounds and phrases
* Variation Kit - Provides an alternative track and phrases which are used to add contrast to the main theme
* Intro/Outro Kit - Here you can find the matching intro/outro track for the overall kit, along with it´s individual parts
* Drum Shots - The single-shots are centralized in this folder, making it easy to find all percussive sounds used to make the kit.

This structure makes it easy to select the correct vibe needed for your track, then zoom in and identify only the parts you want and touch them up as desired to complete your vision. The colossal variety of Loops and Sounds plus the ultra flexibility of the Elastik player give you a versatile tool to create bangin´ tracks painlessly. Content is geared toward Urban Music producers looking for authentic club sounds. Everything is programmed to conform to the musical genre. These samples comprise a state of the art Library of Hip Hop and R&B sounds, made to achieve true urban sound.

Ueberschall Urbanic II was made from well-established music industry professionals: Beneluxus, Drastic and Marc Steinmeier. This team has worked produced and remixed for well known artists such as, LL Cool J, Bootsy Collins, Alica Keys, DJ Tomekk and Eminem to name but a few.

Find it, Tweak it, Drop it...

3.8 GB, 30 Construction Kits, 1500 Loops and Samples


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Flag ENspaceSound & Recording, 05/2009

Urbanic II
If you like this style you‘ll find the perfect tools at Ueberschall.

Urbanic II & Urbanic Producer Pack

Sound & Recording, 05-2009

After Urbanic follow the sequels Urbanic II and Urbanic Producer Pack.
Urbanic II is based, just as its predecessor, on Construction-Kits. But in this case we have 4 Kits for each „song“: intro, main, outro and variation - and tey all come with single lines of every instrument.
Although the arrangments are all fix which blocks the creativity, the material is top notch and the concept does its job as good as it gets - supported by a fat and real sound. In this category Ueberschall is in most of the time ahead of its competitors: It sounds complete and professionally produced. Wide, epic and melodic sounds, not the dark and aggresive HipHop from the streets.

Urbanic Producer Pack however is something completely different. Instead of Construction Kits you find a huge collection of loops- and singlesounds suiting every HipHop-Sound and sorted like a menu (percussion, keyboards, bass, acoustic-loops, etc.). In this way you can create your own Kits or open up multiple Elastiks to combine them.
[The drumsamples] are throughout the whole library of a good use and shine because of their loudness and designed mixing. If you like this style you‘ll find perfect tools at Ueberschall.

Flag DEspaceSound & Recording, 05/2009

Urbanic II
Wem der Stil gefällt, findet dafür bei Ueberschall exzellente Produktionstools.

Urbanic II & Urbanic Producer Pack

Sound & Recording, 05-2009

Nach Urbanic folgen die Sequels Urbanic II und Urbanic Producer Pack.
Urbanic II basiert wie sein Vorgänger auf Construction-Kits. Allerdings gibt es hier pro „Song” gleich vier Kits: Intro, Main, Outro und Variation, jeweils mit den Einzelspuren.
Dafür hat man aber auch wirklich genug Material, denn obwohl derart festgelegte Arrangements die Kreativität deutlich hemmen, machen sie ihren Job so flexibel wie eben möglich, unterstützt durch einen astreinen, fetten und authentischen Sound. Hier hat Ueberschall in den allermeisten Fällen die Nase vor der Konkurrenz: Es klingt komplett und professionell ausproduziert. Überbreite, epische und melodische Sounds sind es hier, also nicht der ganz düstere und aggressive HipHop aus der Gosse.

Urbanic Producer Pack ist dann aber ganz anders gemacht: Statt Construction-Kits gibt es hier eine riesige Loop- und Einzelsound- Sammlung aus allen denkbaren HipHop- Sounds im Menü-Stil (Percussion, Keyboards, Bässe, Akustik-Loops etc.). So stellt man sich ganz flexibel seine eigenen Kits zusammen oder startet mehrere Instanzen zum freien Kombinieren.
[Die Drumsamples] sind durch die Bank lückenfüllerfrei und glänzen durch Lautheit und durchdesignte Vorabmischung. Wem der Stil gefällt, findet dafür bei Ueberschall exzellente Produktionstools.


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Free ELASTIK 2.6 Player is included in this product or can be downloaded for free!

Download Elastik Mac
Download Elastik Win
Download Free Elastik Soundbank
(~ 2 GB free loops and samples from different libraries)

free elastik soundbank

Mac & PC (32 Bit and 64 Bit) - AudioUnits, VST, StandAlone, AAX (PT 10.3.6 or newer), RTAS (32bit only)

System requirements (minimum):
Mac OS X 10.7
Windows 7 / Win 8

Elastik 2 Features

  • innovative loopeye functions
  • fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging)
  • prelisten in sync
  • sequence mode (loads of edtiting features per slice)
  • random sound replacement
  • parameter automation
  • realtime sync to host
  • bounce of original and modified loops
  • resizeable window format
  • mutiple soundbank management
  • timestretch and pitchshift in best quality

Elastik 2.6 New Features @ YouTube
Elastik 2 Introduction @ YouTube

All information is subject to change. The system requirements can change at any time due to the fact that software products are continuously evolving. If in doubt please consult the software manufacturers website for details or write an email to before purchasing. 

online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).




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