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Urban USA Stereo
Date de sortie : 11.05.2019

Urban USA Stereo

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Taille du téléchargement: 12,23 GB

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Urban USA - truly imersive ambiences

Urban USA covers an immense spectrum of different places of urban city life. From bustling downtown areas like subway stations or financial districts to quieter areas like beaches, parks and suburbs to marinas and construction sites, Urban USA offers a very authentic and detailed picture of everyday life in American cities. As always delivered in the best possible quality to exceed the requirements of any professional sound design challenge.

Detailed Sound Scenes as well as quiet basic layers

Urban USA contains a wealth of rich and expressive sound scenes to create spot-on sound design. In addition, you get a variety of different quiet base layers, perfect for creating the sonic foundation of an urban scene.

What they recorded

Boom Library has visited vibrant and lively American metropolises and captured the pulse of these cities in many different places. They focused on providing an extraordinary variety of sounds that would offer a sound designer a rich, balanced and absolutely professional range of tools.

Included sounds - keywords

urban, city, busy, downtown, people, traffic, sirens, financial district, sidewalk, construction site, crane, skid loader, air pumps, market, indoor, outdoor, voices, walla, tunnel, tourists, commercial area, beach, ticket line, crowd, park, children, fountain, marina, bicycles, boats, beachfront, basketball, tennis, sports, highway, cars, planes, bridge, subway, train station, freight train, industrial, ventilation, refinery, chemical, oil

100+ Royalty-Free Sound FX • 96kHz/24bit • 20GB

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