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Trains - Stereo & Surround
Date de sortie : 08.05.2018

Trains - Stereo & Surround

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 355,81$ 340.92£ 313.56

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Huge Collection of Train Sounds in Stereo and 5.0 Surround

Get the TRAINS sound effects library and the trains in your next project will be equipped with the right sounds in no time. BOOM Library’s TRAINS provides you with a huge selection of clean, high quality SFX. It includes sounds from almost any type of train and engine. Heavy freight trains, old and modern passenger trains with electric, steam and diesel engines.

Boom Trains Pictures

Extensive Interiors

The interior recordings were made on different locations such as the cockpit, the wagons, engine rooms, cabins, and even the restrooms.

Nothing left Unrecorded

SFX from the outside contain drive-bys, departing and arriving trains, wheels, horns, grinding, rattling, squeaking, clacking, coupling, braking, air releases, and much more! To give you the full package, you get a mass of great interior and exterior handling sounds on top. Simply any sound you need for a realistic train environment, as always, delivered in high quality with 96kHz / 24-bit.

Available in 5.0 Surround

50% of the TRAINS SFX library were recorded with a double M/S surround microphone setup. The surround version of the TRAINS library gives you all the sounds from the stereo version plus additional 33GB surround sounds to design great surround train ambiences with ease.

To see which sounds come in 5.0 surround, please take a look at the data sheet!

Included Sounds - Keywords

trains, drive-by, brakes, ambience, passanger, under bridge, open, door, tonal, driving, squeaking, arrival, metal, platform, pumping, engines, wind up, departure, rattling, horns, diesel, loco, coupling, stops, fast, slow, branches, docking, rail, squealing, clacking, grinding, double deck, resonating, howling, clacks, jarring, rumbling, steam, chuffing, exterior, interior, rhythmic, cabin, locomotive, cockpit, wagon, wheels

12h surround ambiences 5240+ WAV files • 96kHz/24bit • 51GB


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