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Toontrack EZKeys Line


EZkeys est plus qu'un piano ou un instrument à clavier - c'est un puissant outil d'écriture de chansons. Il est doté d'une fonctionnalité intuitive qui vous permettra d'ajouter des couches créatives de musique à vos chansons ou d'écrire des morceaux personnalisés à partir de zéro.

EZkeys Vintage Upright
A carefully sampled Östlind & Almquist Upright Piano
EZkeys Cinematic Grand
Ambient soundscapes, soundtracks and creative sound design
EZkeys Dream Machine
Hybride instrument, Toontrack EZkeys line
EZkeys MIDI New Wave
Inspired by New Wave and Synth-Pop Music of the 80ies
EZkeys String Machine
Carefully sampled Solina String Ensemble Synthesizer
EZkeys Studio Grand
Virtual Steinway & Sons B-211 Grand Piano
EZkeys Small Upright
Six-octave Model 1001 Piano by August Hoffman
EZkeys MIDI Indie Pop
Collection of EZkeys MIDI Files for Indie Pop Music
EZkeys MIDI Movie Scores
Inspirational MIDI File Extension for EZkeys
EZkeys Pipe Organ
Detailed sampled Pipe Organ
EZkeys Bundle
Three EZkeys instruments of your choice
EZkeys Midi Boogie
MIDI File Extension for EZkeys
EZkeys Mellotoon
Mellotron sounds including EZkeys engine
EZkeys MIDI Jazz Ballads
Jazz-Ballads Style MIDI Files for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Ballads 2
Ballads Style MIDI Files for EZkeys - Vol. 2
EZkeys MIDI Funk
MIDI File Extension for EZkeys
EZkeys Electric Grand
Virtual Yamaha CP 80 together with EZkeys engine
EZkeys Essential Pianos Bundle
4 pianos in one box including EZkeys engine
EZkeys Classic Electrics Piano
2 electronic pianos including EZkeys engine
EZkeys UPRIGHT Piano
Upright Piano including EZkeys engine
EZkeys Grand Piano
A Revolutionary Songwriting Tool and Virtual Piano!
EZkeys MIDI Epic Themes
EZkeys MIDI inspired by Epic Soundtracks
EZkeys MIDI West Coast Rock
Inspired by AOR artists of the 1970s and 1980s
EZkeys MIDI Hip-Hop/R&B
MIDI inspired by contemporary hip-hop and R&B music
EZkeys MIDI Big Band
Piano MIDI inspired by traditional big band music
EZkeys MIDI Basic Rock
EZkeys MIDI Seventies Prog
MIDI inspired by progressive rock music of the 1970s
EZkeys MIDI Contemporary Soul Ballads
A wide range of playing styles for classic soul music
EZkeys MIDI World Music
EZkeys MIDI Movie Scores - Suspense
Piano/keyboard MIDI for dramatic, intense, mysterious songs
EZkeys MIDI Modern Pop
Piano MIDI inspired by modern pop, dance and EDM music
EZkeys MIDI Urban Jazz
Piano MIDI inspired by the smooth and urban jazz genre
EZkeys MIDI Movie Scores - Romance
Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by romantic scores and movies
EZkeys MIDI Movie Scores - Horror
Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by the horror movie genre
EZkeys MIDI Movie Scores - Action
Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by action movie scenes
EZkeys MIDI Hooks & Chords
Piano MIDI inspired by pop, rock and score music
EZkeys MIDI Eighties Pop
Piano playing variations inspired by 80s pop music
EZkeys MIDI Movie Scores - Drama
Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by dramatic movie scenes
EZkeys MIDI Melancholic Pop
Piano ideas for songs that emote, provoke – and uplift.
EZkeys MIDI Sixties Pop
Piano MIDI inspired by the sixties pop scene
EZkeys MIDI Seventies Pop
Piano MIDI inspired by the seventies pop scene
EZkeys MIDI Americana
Piano MIDI inspired by Americana Music
EZkeys MIDI UK Pop
Piano MIDI inspired by contemporary pop from the UK
EZkeys MIDI AOR Ballads
More than sad ballads! Expansion Pack for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Reggae
Keyboard playing styles inspired by Reggae
EZkeys MIDI Country Pop
Country and Pop playing styles for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Singer Songwriter
EZkeys Piano-Patterns for Singer-Songwriter
EZkeys MIDI Emotional Ballads
Inspired by Emotional Pop and Rock Ballads
EZkeys MIDI Shuffles
A broad palette of Piano and Keyboard playing styles
EZkeys MIDI Hip-Hop
Piano & keyboard variations inspired by Hip-Hop
EZkeys MIDI Fusion
A diverse collection of keyboard MIDI, inspired by Fusion
EZkeys MIDI Dream Pop
Piano/Keyboard variations inspired by Dream Pop Music
EZkeys MIDI Disco
Playing variations of classic and modern Disco for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Piano Pop
Playing variations inspired by Modern Pop Songs for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Neo Soul
Rich palette of playing variations for Neo-Soul
Piano / Keyboard MIDI inspired by AOR music for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Rock Ballads
MIDI for big songs inspired by timeless Rock music
EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack Bundle Generic
6 generic EZkeys MIDI-Pack serial numbers
EZkeys Sound Expansion
Extend your EZkeys with one more piano of your choice
EZkeys MIDI Country Roots
Country Music MIDI Files for EZkeys
EZkeys Midi Keys & Strings
MIDI File Extension for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Ballads
Ballads Style MIDI Files for EZkeys
EZkeys Midi Latin
Latin Style MIDI Files for EZkeys
EZkeys Retro Electrics
Hohner Clavinet D6 and Pianet N including EZkeys engine
EZkeys Midi Country
Country Style MIDI files for EZkeys
EZkeys Midi Jazz
Jazz style MIDI files for EZkeys
EZkeys Midi R&B
R&B style MIDI Files for EZkeys
EZkeys Midi Blues
Blues Style Midi Files Expansion for the EZkeys line
EZkeys Midi Gospel
Gospel Style MIDI Files for EZkeys
EZkeys MIDI Pop Rock
MIDI file expansion pack for EZkeys