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Three-Body Technology

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Three-Body Technology is an energetic collection of musicians, programmers, and audio engineers brought together by a common love for music, and a desire to create innovative studio technology. Their mission is to empower musicians with high-quality products, while maintaining an affordable and forwardthinking approach.

EQ Plugin with Superb Dynamic Processing and Vintage Models
Modern G-31
Contemporary-style full-featured graphic equalizer
Whisper of Loong
Virtual Chinese Dizi Instrument
Lost Soul
Virtual Chinese Xiao Instrument
Tear of Land
Virtual Chinese Xun Instrument
Phoenix Scream
Virtual Chinese Suona Instrument
World in Gourd
Virtual Chinese Hulusi Instrument
Raindrop & Blade
Virtual Instrument based on Chinese Hammered Dulcimer
Adjust the analog feeling of your mix
Bring Heavy Metal back to your music