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Strezov Sampling

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Strezov Sampling was founded by full time composers, who were in need of easy to use sampling tools, without the need to add hours of programming to achieve realistic and professional sounding results. Especially known for unrivaled virtual choirs Strezov Sampling pushes the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with sampling right from its foundation in 2012. Strezov Sampling products can be heard in countless Triple A productions used by topnotch composers and music producers around the globe.

Deep and expressive Male Choir Library
Cornucopia: Strings 2
20 piece String Ensemble with a Special Eastern Europe Vibe
Macabre Solo Strings
Violin, Viola and Cello with a dark tone
Lipp Piano
An intimate and unique 100 years old Grand Piano
Distort 2
Electric Guitar perfect for Movie and Trailer Composers
Choir Collection
Everything you will ever need for choral scoring
Darbuka X3M
Deeply sampled and pure collection of Darbukas
The Felt Seiler Pro
Chromatically sampled Piano
Sambhala Textural Orchestra
Create atmospheric out of this world soundscapes in seconds
Historical Church Bells Library
The Performers Anonym Orthodox Choir
Virtuosic performances at your fingertips
Djembe X3M
A fresh, percussive wave, straight from Africa
Muted Guitars
Hybrid Guitar Library
Add rhythmic motion and interest to your music
JADE Ethnic Orchestra
Collection of Chinese and Mongolian Virtual Instruments
The Performers Mountain Girl
Back to the roots of Bulgarian folklore
Storm Choir Ultimate
Lightning X3M
Organic and Electronic High Frequency Percussion
The Muted Seiler
Experimental Hybrid Piano Library
The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir
Virtuosic performances at your fingertips
Orchestral Percussion X3M
Highly flexible collection of orchestral percussion
Afflatus Chapter I Strings
Boutique Thematic String Collection
Frame Drum X3M
Authentic Middle Eastern Frame Drums
Taikos X3M
Ultra playable cinematic Taiko Drums
Balkan Ethnic Orchestra
Authentic sounds of Balkan music