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Brad Hoyt´s Harp Guitar
Full Range 30 String Acoustic Harp Guitar Library
Emotional Piano & Elysium Harp
Deeply sampled Grand Piano & Concert Harp
Eko Panda
The nostalgic sound of an early 70's synth
Hyperion Strings Micro
Orchestral String Library for NI’ Kontakt Player
Ambius Prime
Vast selection of pads, ambiences, leads, pulse & textures
Elysium Harp
47-string grand concert pedal harp
Voices Of Rapture
Premier operatic solo vocal collection
Sonespheres 1 - Distance
Atmospheric synths and evolving soundscapes by Blake Ewing
Ambient electronic Theremin tones
A Stone Age Percussion Library
Steel Tones
Multi-sampled metallic tuned percussion instrument
5.0 of 5
Collection of percussive Strikes, Stingers,Multisamples & FX
Sick 6
Cinematic and Trailer Sound Effects Library
Antidrum III
A mighty compendium of experimental multi-sampled percussio
Voice of Rapture: The Alto
A solo operatic Alto Vocal library
Modern incarnation of the World’s oldest known instrument
Lakeside Pipe Organ
Vintage Steel and Wooden Pipe Organ Library
Waterharp 2.0
Collection of classic and unique Waterphone sounds
Street Erhu
Truly unique Chinese Erhu Violin live performance phrases
Little Wooden Flutes
Indian & Native American Plains Flutes library for Kontakt
The Drinking Piano
Fat-bottomed Monster Upright with a classic beer hall sound
Acoustic Saz
Deeply sampled 5-String Acoustic Saz Library for Kontakt
Electric Saz
Deep-sampled 5-String Electric Saz Baglâma Library
Mercury Elements
Essential Elements from Mercury Symphonic Boys' Choir
Voice of Rapture: The Bass
Solo Operatic Bass Vocal Library of Joseph Trumbo
Apocalypse Percussion Elements
The little brother of the Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble!
The Beat Boxer
The whole sound repertoire of a professional beat boxer!
Mercury Symphonic Boychoir
Traditional English boys' choir
Venus & Mars Olympus Choir Bundle
The first choice for professional choral scoring
Venus - Symphonic Women´s Choir
Great virtual female choir with many articulations!
2.0 of 5
Great virtual male choir with many articulations!
Tone Morsels
The essential strings and tuned percussion collection
Hopkin Instrumentarium: Metaltines
Expressively nuanced assortment of Metal Lamellaphones
Alpha Organ
Beautifully deep sampled Pipe Organ
Playful collection of Sounds from cheap digital Keyboards
Hopkin Instrumentarium: Woodentines
Nuanced and expressive selection of wooden lamellaphones
Sonespheres 3 - Current
Ambient Synths for Kontakt
Little Epic Percussion
Small Orchestral and Ethnic Percussion Instruments
Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rattletines
Unique hand-crafted tuned percussion instruments
Whiteware now turns into instruments
Organic sounds, squashed into new spheres
Iron Throne
Ascend the throne of unknown sonic territory
It smells good, feels good and also sounds good - bamboo!
Kinderklavier Toy Piano
Great for kids, but staggering for adult composers!
Hyperion Strings Elements
A universal string library for everyone
Bowed Bucket
Experimental Bass Library for Kontakt
UFO 61
A vintage 61-Key Synthesizer
Hopkin Instrumentarium: Tines & Echoes
Bronze Bin
Unique tuned and untuned metallic percussion instrument
Voice of Wind: Adey
The soulful, angelic voice of Adey Bell at your disposal
Fart Sound Effects Library for Kontakt
Bizarre Sitar 3.0
A surprisingly lush sitar with the usual Soundiron quality
Mimi Page Light & Shadow
Ethereal soprano solo vocal library with Mimi Page
Alto Glockenspiel
A classic redesigned, with an extended play range
Twine Bass
It is much more than just "a bass"
Subways & Streetcars
Don´t miss your train to SFX City!
Noah Bells
Authentic Indian Khadki Bells - the sound of the Aether
Musique Box
The sound of a peaceful ghost that could kill you..
You know it, the moment you hear it - sound of bamboo
Tuned Artillery
Present arms - ready, aim, fire... or rather drum!
Dhol Drum
A traditional Indian instruments, pushed to its limits
More than just a mere percussion instrument
Classic bowed cymbals effects in great detail
Rhythmic Odyssey
A massive collection of drums, percussion and rare tools
Vintage 49-key Analog Synth from the 1950’s
Rust 3
The musicality of rotting steel
Rust 2
Abandoned places and rotting metal - a perfect drum combo
Rust 1
A junkyard orchestra... The drum set of scrap
Looks like a scaffold but sounds like foreign tribe
High School Drumcorps
The sound of marching drums... Go line up!
Riq Drum
The Asian, Eastern Europa & Middle Eastern Percussion
Olympus Choir Micro
When scoring choirs becomes olympic
Glitch Hero
Huge collection of unconventional sounds
Antidrum Machine
The ultimate experimental percussion compendium
Voices Of Gaia
Dynamic, soulful and eclectic solo vocalists
Apocalypse Percussion Micro
The apocalyptic drummer awaits you!
Sonespheres 2 - Origins
Ambient Synths for Kontakt
Office-supply percussive samples, sound-designed FX and more
Granada 49
1970's-era portable analog synthesizer
Ambius 2: Systematik
Cutting Leads, pulsing grooves and organic textures
Ambius 1: Transmissions
Collection of Ambiences, Drones, Pads and Synth Leads
Vintage Italian Chord Organ
Mercury Micro
Compact Symphonic Boys' Choir
Dark Glitch FX and Evil Drones
Juno VHS Bundle
Inspiring playable Sounds & Drums Bundle
Kick and low frequency FX library
Motor Rhythms
Unique Drum Kit, crafted from raw automobile parts
Shimmering, glittering, sparkly percussive samples
Antidrum II
Deep Collection of Unique Real-World Sounds
Sick 4
Unique deep sampled Percussion Articulations and Sound FX
Sick 5
Musical Effects designed for Sci-Fi, Horror and Mystery
Sick 2
Horror Sound Design Library
Sick 1
The first Volume in Soundiron's SICK Horror Series
Traveler Organ
Multi-sampled early 20th century flat-top reed organ
Temple Drums
Asian temple drums, bells and cymbals
Circle Bells
Detailed sampled Blossom Bells
Percussive Strikes and Effects
3.0 of 5
DRIP is a collection of over 600 percussion samples
Questionably Barbershop
Simple 4-piece male vocal ensemble old time Barbershop style
Iron Pack Bundle
Unique and Great-Sounding Virtual Instrument Collection
Kontakt Player Bundle
13 premium Soundiron virtual instrument libraries
Olympus Elements
Powerful choral instrument,63-voice Olympus Symphonic Choir
Requiem Light
Powerful, versatile and playable choir!
Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble
The most powerful percussion library ever!
Bamboo Stick Ensemble
Classic scoring Percussion library for Kontakt
Aztec Death Whistle
Deeply sampled Folk Wind instrument
Unique tuned Percussion and String Instrument
Grit Kit
Basic and Experimental Drums
Antidrum I
18 unconventional tuned and percussive sound collections
Sick 3
Deep Sound & Music Design Collection
Voice of Gaia - Francesca Genco
Francesca is an exotic female solo mezzo-soprano library
Voice of Gaia Bryn
Bryn is an eclectic male tenor solo vocal library
Voices of Rage
Death Metal, Hardcore and Power Metal Vocal Library
Voice of Rapture: the Tenor
Pristine solo tenor sampling library
Voice of Gaia: Strawberry
mezzo-soprano female vocal library
Voice of Rapture: the Soprano
Magnificent playable soprano voice and vocal phrases
Piano & Keys Collection
All piano and key-libraries from Soundiron
Emotional Piano
Unique virtual piano for your special melodies
Drum Collection
Huge Collection of Drums & Percussion from Soundiron!
Bamboo Collection
Tuned and untuned percussion & bamboo collection
Metal Collection
6 great sound design libraries - Deep sampled metal sounds
Stringed Collection
A collection of unusual stringed instruments
Struck Grand Piano
More than just a classic piano... a struck piano