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Founded by Pierre Langer and Tilman Sillescu, Sonuscore (Dynamedion) has established itself as a leader in soundtrack composition, orchestra production and sound design on the European computer game market.

Trinity Drums
Powerful virtual instrument of cinematic and modern grooves
Ethnic String Phrases - Esraj & Erhu
Live Recorded Phrases & Techniques
Origins Vol. 7: Tar & Chonguri
Two incredibly beautiful Eastern String Instruments
Origins Bundle Vol. 1-5
5 Origins Volumes in a Package!
Origins Vol. 6: Muted Guitar & Harmonics
Two electric guitars – played and processed differently
Origins Vol.5: Ukulele and Muted Piano
Discover the 5th member of the Sonuscore Origin Series
Lyrical Violin Phrases
Brilliant, live recorded Phrases & Techniques
Origins Vol.1: Steel Tongue & Sansula
Two unique instruments for rich and diverse sonic landscapes
Origins Vol.2: Music Box & Plucked Piano
Two individually playable instruments for eery soundscapes
Origins Vol.3: 12-String & Balalaika
Two individually playable cinematic & modern instruments
Origins Vol.4: Oud and Qanun
Mystical, arabian & oriental sounds and textures
Ethnic Flute Phrases
Live Recorded Phrases & Techniques
Lyrical Bundle
Bundle for creating extraordinary vocal & string phrases
Lyrical Bundle Upgrade TWO
Upgrade for owners of TWO Lyrical series libraries
Lyrical Bundle Upgrade ONE
Upgrade for owners of ONE Lyrical series library
Lyrical Cello Phrases
Expressive Phrases and Legato Instrument
Lyrical Vocal Phrases
Crystal-clear and celestial vocal phrases