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Console 1 Fader
A Modern Mixing System
Console 1 MK II
Software PlugIn & Hardware Controller
Volume 5
Softube Effect- and Instrument-Plugins
Volume 4
Softube Effect and Instrument Plug-ins
Eden WT-800
Faithful modelling of class-leading, top-quality equipment
Weiss Compressor/Limiter
Modern and transparent digital compressor and limiter
American Class A Channel
Standalone channelstrip & channel emulation for Console 1
OTO Biscuit
Lo-fi 8-bit magic in a fun and easy-to-use package
Tube-Tech Equalizer Collection
Tube-Tech Mk II EQ and the original legacy PE 1C & ME 1B EQ
Time and Tone Plus
Exclusive Bundle for Time and Tone Owners
British Class A Expansion
Channel Emulation for Softube Console 1
Drawmer 1973
Three Band FET compressor
Fix Flanger and Doubler
The Legacy Sound of Classic Flanging and Vocal Doubling
Transient Shaper
Highly versatile transient shaping tool
Mutronics Mutator
Create Mind Boggling Filter Sweep Effects
Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Extension for Console 1
Summit Grand Channel
Two legendary studio standards for your DAW!
Amp Room Bundle
3 Amp Room Softube products
Vintage Amp Room
Emulates three great guitar amps, mics & room!
Volume 5 Upgrade Volume 4
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 4
Volume 5 Upgrade Volume 3
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 3
Empirical Labs Trak Pak
Empirical Labs Channel Strip Expansion for Console 1
Weiss Gambit Series
High precision mixing & mastering channel
Chandler Limited Zener-Bender
Professional channel strip for the Console 1 ecosystem
Volume 4 Upgrade Volume 3
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 3