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Slate Digital

Slate Digital-Logo
Infinity EQ
Modern 24 Band Drag Style EQ
Slate Custom Series Bundle
Customized, boutique analog Equalizers
Gates Bundle
Two gate modules for the Virtual Mix Rack
5.0 of 5
Vintage American Equalizer
Dual delay effect processor
VPC Virtual Preamp Collection
Two Modules for the Virtual Mix Rack
VMR - Virtual Mix Rack
Virtual Rack with four World Class Mix Modules
CT3 5 Mic Expansion
5 Mics for VMS Mic Locker
Steven Slate Drums SSD5 Platinum
Gigantic drum library for authentic drum tracks
Digital replication of the Empirical Labs Distressor
Verbsuite Classics
Eight of the most popular digital reverbs
FG-116 Blue
Two vintage compressor modules for the Virtual Mix Rack
Analog Modeled Dynamic Impact Enhancer
CLA Expansion for SSD5
Fat and punchy Mix ready Drum Expansion
CLA Expansion for Trigger
Fat and punchy Mix ready Drums
Blackbird Expansion for SSD5
Amazing sounding Drum Library Expansion
Blackbird Expansion for Trigger
David Bendeth Expansion for SSD5
5 preset Kits, preprocessed by David Bendeth
David Bendeth Expansion for Trigger
5 preset kits, preprocessed by David Bendeth
Terry Date Expansion for SSD5
10 hard hitting kits recorded and mixed by Terry Date
Terry Date Expansion for Trigger
10 Hard Hitting Kits recorded and mixed by Terry Date
Trigger Platinum
The Next-Gen Drum Replacement Tool!
VBC - Virtual Buss Compressors
Three unique sounding, analog modeled dynamic processors
VTC Virtual Tube Collection
3 Virtual Tube modules for the Virtual Mix Rack
VTM - Virtual Tape Machines
Virtual tape device with all the nuances of the real one!