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Reason 11 Update
Date de sortie : 05.05.2020

Reason 11 Update


Mac & Win

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*Update from Reason 10 to Reason 11

New in Reason 11:

Quartet Chorus Ensemble: four variations of Chorus and Ensemble effects. Sweeper Modulation Effect: Phaser, Flanger and Filter unit with dynamic modulation options. Mixer modules available as rack-mountable units. Master bus compressor can now be used anywhere in the rack. Channel Dynamics: Reason console compressor, expander and gate can be placed anywhere in the signal chain. Channel EQ: The legendary EQ unit is now a rack device in its own right. Curved automation. Audio clip crossfades. Improved and individual vertical zoom. Enhanced and track-accurate zoom level in the sequencer. Muting of MIDI notes. New pen tool for drawing multiple notes. Absolute Snap, Draw Automation Point on same level, shortcut for moving notes in one octave and more.


  • Huge factory soundbank with more than 29000 device patches, loops and samples
  • 17 instruments, 29 effects, 3 MIDI effects, 8 utilities
  • Reason rack and effects can be integrated as AU and VST in external DAWs
  • Reason Rack Plugin with Midi Out and Drag Midi Notes
  • VST plugin support
  • Delay Compensation
  • Opens songs and synth patches from Reason Compact
  • Rack Extensions
  • Ableton Link Support
  • Unlimited audio recording and instrument channels
  • Fully featured, high-precision multitrack sequencer with block mode
  • Audio Comping Tools
  • High quality stretching & real-time audio transpose
  • Pitch editing mode for optimizing vocal recordings
  • Audio slicing and audio quantization
  • Conversion of recorded or imported audio files to REX-L
  • MIDI controller output control of synths, samplers and keyboards
  • MIDI clock output - Synchronization of hardware with Reason
  • Advanced export of individual mixer channels as audio items, including effects and tempo track
  • Live sampling on all sampler devices
  • Support for external MIDI controllers and hardware control interfaces
  • Supports all common file formats - from Wave and AIFF to mp3 and more
  • Real-time sample rate and bit conversion allows easy import of any audio data
  • Multicore support and 64-bit compatibility
  • Advanced modeled mixing console with complete channel strip for each instrument and audio channel

System requirements:

  • MAC (OS X 10.11 or higher, 64 bit) and PC Windows 7 or higher (64 bit)

 Specs techniques

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Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.