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Edition Beurmann - Swiss Grand
Unusual concert grand built in 1860 by Hüni & Hübert
Edition Beurmann - Italian Harpsichord III
Typical, italian Cembalo with tradional rich and slick tone
Edition Beurmann - Grand Piano
Historical pianoforte with charming, warm and present sound
German Spinet 1767
Beautiful sounding instrument by Johann Heinrich Silbermann
German Harpsichord 1741
Edition Beurmann - Austrian Harpsichord
German Theorbo Harpsichord
Gone for centuries - now available as a virtual instrument
German Harpsichord 1738
One of the rarest harpsichord as a virtual instrument!
German Celesta
Beautiful recorded virtual Celesta
Edition Beurmann - Orphica Piano
A very rare small, portable fortepiano
Edition Beurmann - French Harpsichord
French Cembalo with enchanting sound, substantial bass
Edition Beurmann - Italian Harpsichord II
Typical, italian Cembalo with vivid sound
Edition Beurmann - English Spinet II
Sweet-sounding spinet with a majestic and brilliant tone
Edition Beurmann - German Lautenwerck
Historical, unique Lute Harpsichord with warm, huge tone
Edition Beurmann - Dulcitone Celesta
Tuning-fork piano with vibrant, mellow and charming sound
Edition Beurmann - Dutch Harpsichord
One of the best Cembali ever built, full and precious sound
Edition Beurmann - English Harpsichord
Historical keyed instrument with unique, high quality sound
Edition Beurmann - Early Pianoforte
Early german Pianoforte with uncommon, unique piano sound
Edition Beurmann - Pianoforte
German Pianoforte from 1848, with unique, graceful sound
Edition Beurmann - Italian Harpsichord
Typical, italian Cembalo with warm and deep tone.
Edition Beurmann - English Spinet
Famous Hitchcock spinet from London in best-sounding quality
Luthéal Piano
Restored, very rare piano, one of the first Prepared Pianos