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Rast Sound

Rast Sound-Logo

Rast Sound is a team of creatives from all around the world, in love with sampling as well as culture and music, deeply. Their mission is to offer unique sound tools, libraries & instruments to inspire music makers and offer eclectic tastes hard to find anywhere else. Rast Sound collaborates with Producers, Musicians and Engineers from all around the world, from Middle East to Cambodia, Morocco to Balkans, and turn library concepts into reality with pristine quality recordings and attention to detail.

3 Fretless Instruments
Oud String
Authentic Middle Eastern fretless instrument
An intuitive way to perform live with loops
African Rhythms
10 drums from North & South Africa
Choirs Boutique
Unique Choir library - transformed, designed, inspiring
Vocal Morphs PRO
Create unique playable vocal performances
Contemporary Colours
Contemporary classical and theatrical music backgrounds
Self Modulating Multi-FX Plugin
Childrens Choir
A children's choir library for Kontakt
Transform any sound with self modulating resonators
Calm Pro
Create relaxing ambiences and textures
African Colours
African drums, instruments & vocals
African Vocals
Tribal Chants, Solo Instruments & Patterns
Tech Collection
Cinescapes Pro, Designer Drums, Blend & Sounds of Mars
RS World Colours
10 unique world libraries
Rare Winds Collection
Collection of 5 World Flute Instruments
Generative Collection
Create unique melodies, rhythms and ambiences
Micro Variety Effect Plugin
Ritual Vocals
Vocal performances from Africa & South America
Eastern Clarinet
The magical sound of the Middle Eastern Clarinet
Multi Voice Smart Music Generator
Slavic Vocals
The richness of Slavic vocal culture
Sounds of Mesopotamia
Ethnic Vocals, Local Instruments & Drums
Strings Boutique
Not a classic string library
RIG - Rhythmic Inspiration Generator