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€ 129,-$ 128.02£ 114.78

Sonivox. The Heart and Soul of Your Rig ! La puissance illimitée pour votre production, sans limite de gestion de flux. PULSE - Instrument de production avancé - est tout cela et bien plus. Au-delà d’une beat machine, bien plus pratique à utiliser que les machines hardware old-school, PULSE fournit la colonne vertébrale de votre rythmique et la pulsation cardiaque de votre équipement, amenant votre production vers l’avant avec une gestion de flux en profondeur.

The Heart and Soul of Your Rig
Unlimited music production power with an unrestricted workflow! PULSE - Advanced Production Instrument, is all that and more. Beyond a beat machine and way more flexible than old-school hardware units, PULSE provides the backbone of your beat and the heartbeat of your rig, driving your production forward with its sheer depth of features and uninhibited workflow.

Music Production Your Way
Snug like a glove. That´s how PULSE fits into your production environment. PULSE´s intuitive design lets you work the way you want to. Drop in a WAV, MP3, Aiff, or your MPC format files. Slice, dice, map, auto auto-map to your heart´s content, then let PULSE´s immense feature set do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus solely on making amazing music!

Over 400 Drum Kits and Instruments!
Of Course PULSE will let you import all the sounds you´ve already got. But PULSE wouldn´t be complete if SONiVOX didn´t also include a robust selection of great instruments from their award winning sound design team. PULSE´s factory sound bank will have heads moving with its gigabytes of over 400 fat kits, boomin basses, juicy instruments, and SFX.

Pulse Features Galore
Load, import, stack, step, drag, drop, tweak, effect, layer, slice, and dice your sounds to your hearts, content. PULSE has a gargantuan feature set designed to give you the utmost control over your sounds. Here is a list of some of PULSE?s features to give you a taste.

  • Next-generation music production software for MAC and PC, combining MPC style editing and workflow, with the power of you computer.
  • Imports most MPC file formats including MPC 60/II, MPC 3000, MPC 2000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 1000, MPC 2500, MPC 500, MPC 5000 as well as AIFF, WAV, Broadcast WAV, ACID & MP3 files.
  • N8 User-assignable stereo outputs and 8 User-assignable effects busses complete with tempo sync stereo delay, EQ, and reverb effects.
  • Onboard real-time sampling
  • 64 user assignable pads with Infinite sample layering and multiple playback modes.
  • Per pad editing of LFO, volume, pitch, envelope, panning, and filter with ten user selectable filter types.
  • User-assignable auto pitch map, velocity override (full), choke and one shot modes.
  • User adjustable input-quantize mode.
  • Over 400 premium instruments and drum kits.
  • Midi learn & save functionality, PULSE is instantly compatible with any MIDI keyboard or pad controller.
  • Pad-specific variable resolution note repeat.
  • Advanced multi-mode pattern and step sequencer which optionally locks to your DAW/host.
  • Works as a MAC or PC Standalone application or as a VST, AU, & RTAS plugin.
  • And much, much more!

New in PULSE 1.2
Tons of New Features and Added Stability Free to All PULSE Users!

  • Improved sample drag & drop functionality. New to PULSE 1.2, samples can now be dragged and dropped to the PULSE pad grid from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder folders outside of the PULSE browser window.
  • Input Quantize Gate. Add feel while retaining accuracy. Right-click on the PULSE quantize knob to bring up the Input Quantize Gate menu and select a gate value. Midi notes that fall within the gate threshold will not be quantized.
  • Modified Step Sequencer behavior in host applications. Step Sequencer functionality has been adjusted to respect the relative position in the host timeline and not always begin at Step 1.
  • Universal MPC compatibility added. Now all MPC formats are importable.
  • Improved MPC transposition. Previously, converted MPC files would map to the PULSE pad grid beginning at Pad 12 or Pad 13 (depending on your MPC model). This has been adjusted so that all MPC files begin at Pad 1 after converting.
  • Shift-click in the Step Sequencer to draw uniform steps. Now, holding down the shift key while drawing steps in the Step Sequencer will allow you to draw steps at uniform values.
  • Step Sequencer; right-click to delete. Right-click on any step in the Step Sequencer to delete it.
  • Step Sequencer is now operational in Standalone Mode.
  • Filter Depth Control. Filter depth control added to the PULSE filter page.
  • Improved audio file compatibility. Previously, audio files could not be recognized by the PULSE file browser if the extension was capitalized. This has been adjusted for PULSE 1.2.
  • Triplet resolution. Input Quantize, Retrigger & the Step Sequencer "Step Res" knob now offer triplet settings.
  • Improved performance when dragging & dropping samples from the PULSE file browser. Previously, depending on where you clicked on a sample in the PULSE file browser, it was possible to drag a sample other than the one you thought you had selected. This has been adjusted in PULSE 1.2 to avoid confusion.
  • Other bug and stability related fixes.

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  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Processor or AMD 1500 XP
  • MME Compatible Audio Hardware ASIO Compatible Audio Hardware Recommended


  • OS X Version 10.4.1
  • Intel Based Processor
  • Only available as 32bit Plug In, does NOT work in 64bit Hosts like Logic Pro X

for all

  • a VST, AU or RTAS compatible host application (not required for Stand-Alone Mode)
  • Minimum 1GB RAM 2GB Recommended
  • Free hard drive space - depending on the regarding library content.


online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).




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