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Project SAM

Project SAM-Logo
Pandora+Adaptive Runs Pack
Orchestral Transitions & Orchestral Runs
Colours: Adaptive Runs
Perfect Orchestral Runs - Every Time
Symphobia 4: Pandora Core
Adaptive Orchestral Transitions & Effects - Core Edition
Symphobia 4: Pandora
Adaptive Orchestral Transitions & Effects
Orchestral Essentials Pack
Bundle Containing Orchestral Essentials 1 and 2
Orchestral Essentials 2
The Follow up to the much loved Original!
116.0 of 5
Phantasy world LUMINA, from the SYMPHOBIA series
Orchestral Essentials
Orchestral Essentials - the essence of film scoring
Symphobia 2
Add classical elements to your production, fast and easy!
Symphobia Bundle 1+2
This bundle contains Symphobia and Symphobia 2
Bibliothèque légendaire pour la musique orchestral inspirant
Master Pack 5
All 12 ProjectSAM Libraries in one bundle
The Free Orchestra
One gigabyte of free, cinematic sounds
Symphobia Complete Pack
Four Symphobia Libraries in One Bundle
Master Pack 4
All ProjectSAM Libraries
Swing! Pack
Bundle including Swing! and Swing More!
Swing More!
ProjectSAM's 2nd Jazzy Film Scoring Library
Versatility Pack
Bundle containing Orchestral Essentials & Swing!
Fantasy Pack
Bundle containing Lumina, Orchestrator and Concert Harp
Symphonic Pack
Bundle containing Symphobia 1 and True Strike 1
Creative Pack
Bundle containing 6 Project SAM Libraries
Symphobia Bundle 1+3
This bundle contains Symphobia and Lumina
Symphobia Bundle 2+3
This bundle contains Symphobia 2 and Lumina
The Jazzy Film Scoring Library: Swing!
Symphobia Trio Pack
This bundle consists of Symphobia, Symphobia 2 and Lumina