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Studio One Professional
Intuitive audio sequencer for Mac and PC version 4
Studio One Artist
Intuitive audio sequencer for Mac and PC version 4
Studio One 4 Professional / Notion Bundle
PreSonus Pro Bundle - Studio One 4 Professional & Notion 6
Studio One 4 Artist / Notion Bundle
PreSonus Artist Bundle - Studio One 4 Artist and Notion 6
Vintage 3-Band EQ
Active three-band EQ with high and low shelving filters
Notion 6
Redefining music notation
Fat Channel XT
Complete Channel Strip Plug-in
Modeling Amp and Pedalboard Plug-in
Complete Fat Channel Bundle
5 EQs and 6 Compressors for Studio One's Fat Channel XT
Classic Studio Bundle
4 unique Plugins for Studio One's Fat Channel XT
Vintage Channel Strips Bundle
Vintage inspired compressors and EQ for the ultimate Vibe
Modern Classics Bundle
3 iconic studio hardware units​ for Studio One’s Fat Channel
Classic Compressor
A does-it-all compressor for any occasion
Solar 69 EQ
Emulation des klassischen britischen EQ
The Tube Midrange EQ
Ultra-smooth Midrange EQ
Comp 160 Compressor
Simple, yet effective VCA compressor
Everest C100A Compressor
Gentle, natural-sounding Compressor
FC-670 Compressor
Iconic 50s compressor/limiter
The Tube P1B Compressor
Crystal clear optical compressor
Alpine EQ-550
1960s-vintage EQ
Studio One Professional Upgrades
Upgrades to Studio One 4 Professional
Symphonic Orchestra
Presence XT Orchestra sound library
Channel Strip Collection
Virtual channel strips for Studio One
CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper
High-end emulation of three analog mixing consoles
Artist Booster Pack
Add-on-Bundle for Studio One 3 Artist
Complete Acoustic Drum Loops
Includes Volume 2 and the Multitrack Add-on
Acoustic Drum Loops Vol. 2 - Stereo
Stereo Loop Library for Studio One
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro - Multitrack
Multitrack Loop Library for Studio One
Studio One Professional Crossgrade
Competitive crossgrade/side license for users of any DAW
Baxandall EQ
2-Band EQ with High and Low shelving
Brit Comp
Twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier
VST, AU & Rewire Support
Add-on for Studio One Artist Version 3 and 4
Goldbaby Essentials
Virtual Drums Soundset for Studio One