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Plug And Mix

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P&M products delivers the same professional sound you would come to expect from other major plug-in manufacturers, but they are much easier to use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plug-in has a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches.

Get that Vinyl Sound
Talking Tone
Talk Box and Vocoder
Moogy Filter
Classic vintage filter pedal
Add digital filth to your tracks
Multi-Tap Delay
Ultimate Precision Linear Phase Equalizer
Monster Boost
A Signal Booster with Warmth
Bit Crusher Style Plug-in
California Tone
The MESA BOOGIE Amp sound
Add some Vibe to your sounds
Stereo Width Enlargement
Ultimate Precision Opto Compressor
Easy to use Level Maximizer Plug-in
Retro Limiter
Great Sounding Limiter
Retro Compressor
Warm Vintage Compressor
Electro Optical
Two Channel Electro-Optical Compressor/Limiter
VIP Bundle
The Ultimate Audio Plug-in Bundle
Pro Series Bundle
The Ultimate Precision Pro Series Pack
Digital Reverb
Eventide based Reverb
Hardcore Screaming Distortion