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Date de sortie : 14.11.2018


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VST, Win
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Phantom - PM & FM synthesis for your Windows setup

This compact plugin lets you dive into complex soundscapes, leads, basses, pads and everything the sound designer's heart desires.

Great controls and an intuitive GUI make sculpting your sounds a breeze. With 4 operrators and 8 routing algorithms, you can truly expand your musical palette.

Phantom GUI

Features Overview


  • PM / FM synthesizer for windows

  • Key and velocity scaling

  • Initial phase with free-run support

  • Phase modulation self-feedback amount

  • Tune Frequency ratio

  • Octave shift

  • Amplitude LFO and AD1SD2R envelope


  • Eight Operator routing algorithms

  • Customizable pitch bend range

  • Global velocity modulation / amplitude sense

  • Tune (Frequency ratio)

  • Glide with auto-on-legato mode

  • Full mono / legato / polyphonic operation

  • Pitch LFO and AD1SD2R envelope

  • 4-Pole resonant filters

  • Filter LFO and AD1SD2R envelope

  • Built-in stereo multi-effects unit with chorus, delay and reverb

  • Pitch bend / Mod wheel controller


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Minimum requirements:

Windows: XP

Mac: OS 10.6.

32 / 64 Bit AU, VST, VST 3

RAM min.: 4GB



Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.




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