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Dear customer,


Today we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our new Loyality Program to you.
To celebrate this occasion we give away 10 BestCoin worth 10 Euro, which you can use with your next purchase at Best Service.

BestCoin - is not a new crypto currency, but Best Service´s very own loyality program. Every purchase at Best Service will be rewarded with bonus points called BestCoin.

You BestCoin collection can be used to discount future purchases. One BestCoin equals one Euro. 

Depending on product, brand or deal, we will credit about 5% of the purchase price in BestCoins to your Best Service user account. To find out how many BestCoins you will earn, take a look at the product page or in your shopping cart.

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This is how easy you earn your first FREE BestCoins:

  1. Log-in to your Best Service User Account.
    If you don´t have an account by now, please click here to sign up for a free, benefit from our BestCoins and never miss out on a deal.
  2. Click on the big BestCoin Icon on the left hand side.
  3. Check your BestCoin balance in your user account.

Enjoy shopping and being rewarded at Best Service, maybe with one of the brand new products below?


iZotope OZONE 8 upgrades 50% OFF

iZotope OZONE 8 upgrades  50% OFF

"Take The Next Step with OZONE 8"

50% OFF these iZotope Upgrades until May 22nd

  • Ozone 8 Standard upgrade from Ozone Elements now € 99
  • Ozone 8 Advanced upgrade from Ozone STD now € 125
  • O8N2 Bundle crossgrade from any Standard now € 249
  • O8N2 Bundle crossgrade from any Advanced now € 199
  • Music Production Suite crossgrade from any Advanced now € 299





New Releases

Tube-Tech Complete Collection

Tube-Tech Complete Collection - Softube - 333,00 €

With the Tube-Tech Complete Collection you get all four MK II plug-ins plus a channelstrip which combines all of them in one rack. These Mk II versions deliver an improved sound and new hi-res graphics as well as new mid/side processing for the Classic Channel.
Tube-Tech Compressor Collection

Tube-Tech Compressor Collection - Softube - 199,00 €

With Softube´s Tube-Tech Compressor Collection you get the CL 1B Mk II compressor and the original legacy CL 1B compressor. t’s a sound every mix engineer should have on lock-down for bass, acoustic guitars, vocals and much more!
Tube-Tech Equalizer Collection

Tube-Tech Equalizer Collection - Softube - 129,00 €

The Tube-Tech Mk II EQ Collection includes the Tube-Tech Mk II equalizer and the original legacy PE 1C and ME 1B equalizers. Combined into a single plug-in, which not only improves the workflow but allows for a revitalized approach to the sonics using the latest digital signal processing technology, the Tube-Tech Equalizers Mk II are a huge step forward for an already phenomenal pair of processors.
Weiss Deess

Weiss Deess - Softube - 169,00 €

With a combination of the highly-prized sonics of the industry gold-standard Weiss DS1-MK3 – the go-to digital hardware de-essing unit used in top mastering studios the world over – and a totally modern and focused approach in design, Softube is psyched to announce the Weiss Deess Plug-in. Stop searching, start succeeding - this is the de-esser.
AVA Mastering EQ

AVA Mastering EQ - Harrison Consoles - 49,00 €

Harrison Consoles - the developers of Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAWs, ultra-high-end mixing consoles, and associated high-performance DSP plug-ins - created the AVA Mastering EQ. Now you can add some “Harrison Mixbus magic” to your workflow, regardless of which DAW you use.
LevelNorm 2

LevelNorm 2 - BeatRig - 79,00 €

LevelNorm 2 is a plugin for realtime and offline loudness correction. The application of LevelNorm 2 is not limited to finalise a mix for broadcast, but also aids in matching levels of different recordings while editing or even prepare tracks with a preset loudness offset. The high processing speed of LevelNorm 2 fits perfectly in a hectic production environment with tight deadlines like news item editing.
EZX Hard Rock

EZX Hard Rock - Toontrack - 59,00 €

Want the drums on your next track to come straight from the creative mind behind the sound of Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith and many, many more? Here you go! The Hard Rock EZX was recorded at The Warehouse in Vancouver, BC, and comes with two kits, fundamentally different in their individual tones. In addition, the EZX includes a broad selection of extra kicks, snares and cymbals, allowing you to mix, match and design your own hybrid kits as you go. To top off, the Hard Rock EZX features a collection of mix-ready presets encompassing a wide tonal range and mix of styles. Three of the presets were personally engineered and mixed by Bob Rock himself using his own custom samples to layer, saturate and augment the already awesome power in the raw drum tones.
Trapture: Trap & Hip Hop

Trapture: Trap & Hip Hop - Big Fish Audio - 129,00 €

With the creative styles of Lil Pump, NBA Young Boy, Lil Xan, 21 Savage, and Migos and with all the elements and flexibility of full songs that Trapture brings, this library is a must have for any serious Trap and Hip Hop producer. Check out the demos…we dare you!

PopUp - Ueberschall - 99,00 €

With infectious bass grooves, modern sounds, and just the right amount of disco vibe, PopUp! will get everyone dancing. The library totals 3 GB of sample data and contains almost 600 loops and samples. Instruments include synths, electric guitars, bass synths, pianos, string and pad lines and both electronic and acoustic drums.
Ensemblia All3 Percussive

Ensemblia All3 Percussive - Cinematique Instruments - 235,00 €

Ensemblia All3 Percussive is a specially-priced bundle consisting of Ensemblia 2 Percussive, Elektronika and Industria. It provides you with a huge collection of drum and percussion instruments for your next project!
Ensemblia 2 Elektronika

Ensemblia 2 Elektronika - Cinematique Instruments - 77,00 €

Ensemblia 2 Elektronika covers a wide range of musical styles. Beside the major genre of Electronica you get sounds and beats corresponding to Downtempo, Minimal, TripHop, House, Futurebass, Techno/ Trance and Drum n Bass/ Breakbeat. Included are 215 single sounds in five categories and over 300 beats separted in 10 different genres.
Ensemblia 2 Industria

Ensemblia 2 Industria - Cinematique Instruments - 89,00 €

Ensemblia 2 Industria is all ablut raw industrial percussion sounds. You get about 200 predefined patterns dividied into 8 categories and 123 single sounds in five categories: Metalic, Forge, Industrial, Machines, Miscellanious. In detail there are 15 strokes, 23 deep and low, 13 mid sized, 38 birght, 1 brushed, 4 eroded, 31 movings, 24 effex and 4 glitch sounds.
EZmix-Pack Compression & Saturation

EZmix-Pack Compression & Saturation - Toontrack - 29,00 €

This collection of EZmix presets takes a broad approach and delivers 50 unique chains of effects all designed to add nuance, definition and control to any instrument or element in a mix. Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, master bus and mix bus settings – you name it.
Trains - Stereo

Trains - Stereo - BOOM Library - 236,81 €

BOOM Library’s TRAINS provides you with a huge selection of clean, high quality SFX. It includes sounds from almost any type of train and engine. Heavy freight trains, old and modern passenger trains with electric, steam and diesel engines.
Trains - Stereo & Surround

Trains - Stereo & Surround - BOOM Library - 355,81 €

BOOM Library’s TRAINS provides you with a huge selection of clean, high quality SFX. It includes sounds from almost any type of train and engine. Heavy freight trains, old and modern passenger trains with electric, steam and diesel engines. The surround version of the TRAINS library gives you all the sounds from the stereo version plus additional 33GB surround sounds to design great surround train ambiences with ease.
World War 2 Tanks

World War 2 Tanks - BOOM Library - 296,31 €

You want a comprehensive, meticulously recorded and edited, high-quality sound effects library of rare WW2 tanks / panzers? The World War 2 Tanks sound effects library holds a gigantic arsenal of tank sounds. You get 8 different tanks to be super-flexible in your military sound design environment.
Virtual Foley Artist - Footsteps

Virtual Foley Artist - Footsteps - BOOM Library - 236,81 €

Lace your shoes tightly and brace yourself for VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST – FOOTSTEPS, the cleanest and most flexible footsteps collection. Just “play” the steps on your keyboard in synch to the picture and that’s it – absolutely fast and efficient. For those who don’t have a full version of KONTAKT 5 by Native Instruments, Boom LIbrary has included a set of WAV files of all kinds of shoe-surface combinations.
Urban & Suburban

Urban & Suburban - BOOM Library - 117,81 €

Urban & Suburban is packed with varied ambient recordings of everyday life surrounding modern cities. It provides a solid foundation for any sound designer to create a believable acoustic backdrop right out of the gate with common ambiences in varying intensities, daytimes and configurations.

Transportation - BOOM Library - 117,81 €

Transportation is collection of crystal-clear vehicle recordings featuring different types and movements of trains, road vehicles, boats, planes and even F1 race cars. All recordings – often loopable – have been either performed from a distance or exhibit enough subtlety, atmosphere and unobtrusiveness to be perfectly suited for all kinds of background settings and applications, giving them a serene, almost naturalistic feel.
P51 - Mustang

P51 - Mustang - BOOM Library - 58,31 €

With the P51 MUSTANG, a fascinating and outstanding beauty is flying right into your private SFX portfolio. The powerful lady with its unique roar has been bundled into 1.5 GB of SFX. Boom Library has recorded various close and distant FLYBYS, LANDING FLYBYS, STARTS, IDLE and TAXIING.
Hot Rod - Rev Ups

Hot Rod - Rev Ups - BOOM Library - 58,31 €

Hot Rod – Rev Ups provides you with the unique sound of V8 Engines. Icluded are more than 50 royalty-free Sounds in 96kHz/24bit Audio.
Jet - Fly Bys

Jet - Fly Bys - BOOM Library - 58,31 €

We all know how jet fly bys sound as we’re constantly hearing them above us in passenger airplanes. If you live in a region where fighter aircrafts are practising test flights, you know how low-flying jet engines sound. Boom Library has got even closer with their new Micro BOOM SFX library JET – FLY BYS a fine collection of Jet Fly-by Sound FX.

Horses - BOOM Library - 177,31 €

Horses is a complete horse sound design suite including 9 GB of high quality and royalty free SFX of countless horse voices, a mass of Foley sounds, pass-bys and steps in various gaits and different surfaces.
CARS - SUVs & Vans

CARS - SUVs & Vans - BOOM Library - 296,31 €

After their first CAR sound effects library “EVERYDAY CARS”, Boom Library proudly presents the second release of their popular CARS series: the mighty “SUVs & VANS” are rolling in!
CARS - Everyday Cars

CARS - Everyday Cars - BOOM Library - 296,31 €

Buckle up for 20+ gigabytes of high quality car sound effects. 10 everyday cars. Drive-bys, handling sounds, ignitions, honks, engines, doors, trunks, etc. Get this SFX library and you will no longer look for high quality sounds of everyday cars.

Virga - Umlaut Audio - 25,00 €

Virga by Umlaut Audio is a sample pack full of individual atmospheric textures grouped in distinct tone and key. Available as WAV Files or for Kontakt (Full Version), it gives you the ability to cut up, re-order and layer elements to your needs.
PRS SuperModels

PRS SuperModels - Waves - 45,00 €

With three boutique amplifiers to choose from, PRS SuperModels places countless tone options at your fingertips. Whether you are playing rock, jazz, country, metal, blues or any other genre, this exquisite amp plugin suite will cover all your guitar-playing needs.




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