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Nomad Factory

Nomad Factory-Logo

Nomad Factory was founded by Bernie Torelli an internationally recognized recording engineer, producer and composer. In 2002 Nomad Factory started selling plug-ins as an official company.

Essential Studio Suite
The Essential Suite of Nomad Plug-Ins
Garbage LSD
Lethal Sound Designer
Analog Studio Rack
The ultimate Modular Rack Plug-in
Blue Tubes Gate Expander GX622
Vintage Style Noise-Gate / Expander
AS - State EQ
Classic British Sweetness
AS - Pulse EQ
EQ your Sound Blue
AS - Preamp
Tube Driven Colour
AS - Gate Expander
Cut Noise, Expand Sound
AS - Exciter
Liven up your music
AS - Comp Limit
Your Go To Track Compressor
AS - Bus Comp
Emulation of the Legendary ALTEC EQ
Virtual Studio Rack Matrix
Bus Driver
Vintage Optical Compressor with Tube Saturation
Rock Amp Legends
Guitar Amp Simulator
Essential Channel Strip
Essential Loudness Maximizer
E-Graphic EQ
15 Band Graphic Equalizer
Wide Range of Vocal Effects
E TubeTape Warmer
Tube and Tape Analog Saturator
E-3B Maximizer
Multiband Loudness Maximizer
E-3B Compressor
Multiband Compressor
E-Gate Expander
Essential NoiseGate and Expander
Essential Compressor
Liquid Phase II
Phasers from the 70s and 80s