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Nomad Factory was founded by Bernie Torelli an internationally recognized recording engineer, producer and composer. In 2002 Nomad Factory started selling plug-ins as an official company.

Essential Studio Suite
The Essential Suite of Nomad Plug-Ins
Garbage LSD
Lethal Sound Designer
Analog Studio Rack
The ultimate Modular Rack Plug-in
AS - State EQ
Classic British Sweetness
AS - Pulse EQ
EQ Your Sound Blue
AS - Preamp
Tube Driven Colour
AS - Gate Expander
Cut Noise, Expand Sound
AS - Exciter
Liven Up Your Music
AS - Comp Limit
Your Go To Track Compressor
AS - Bus Comp
Emulation of the Legendary ALTEC EQ
Virtual Studio Rack Matrix
Rock Amp Legends
Guitar Amp Simulator
Bus Driver
Vintage Optical Compressor with Tube Saturation
Essential Channel Strip
E-Graphic EQ
15 Band Graphic Equalizer
Essential Loudness Maximizer
E TubeTape Warmer
Tube and Tape Analog Saturator
Wide Range of Vocal Effects
E-3B Compressor
Multiband Compressor
E-3B Maximizer
Multiband Loudness Maximizer
Essential Compressor
E-Gate Expander
Essential NoiseGate and Expander
Liquid Verb II
A Musical Digital Reverb
Liquid Phase II
Phasers from the 70s and 80s