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RealEight 5
Virtual 8-string Electric Guitar
RealLPC 5
Les Paul Custom Guitar Sound for your Tracks
RealStrat 5
Most popular Electric Guitar from the 50s till nowadays!
RealGuitar 5
Truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment Guitars
RealRick 5
MusicLabs virtual Rickenbacker Guitar
Upgrade RealEight 5
Upgrade for registered users of RealEight
Upgrade RealRick 5
Upgrade for registered users of RealRick
Upgrade RealLPC 5
Upgrade from RealLPC 2, 3 or 4 to RealLPC 5
Upgrade RealStrat 5
Upgrade from RealStrat 2, 3 or 4 to RealStrat 5
Upgrade RealGuitar 5
Upgrade to RealGuitar 5 from RealGuitar