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Musical Sampling

Musical Sampling-Logo

Musical Sampling, LLC est un développeur engagé à produire des instruments virtuels de qualité pour les compositeurs, producteurs et auteurs-compositeurs.

Vibe Drums Bundle
Boutique Drums Penny, Ruby & Jolene
Orchestral Bundle
Musical Sampling's entire collection to date
Soaring Adventure Bundle
Soaring Strings & Adventure Strings
Adventure Bundle
Adventure Brass & Adventure Strings
Trailer Bundle
Trailer Brass & Trailer Strings
Trailer Brass
The wall of brass - modern, over-sized, bold
Adventure Brass
Workhorse Brass library
Trailer Strings
Bow hair snapping, loud, huge... The oversized aesthetic!
Adventure Strings
A string library recorded in its correct musical context
Soaring Strings
Essential, credible, musical - performance oriented strings
Atelier Series: Daydream
Four instruments geared towards emotional, ethereal contexts
PLCK - Pluck Sample Collection for Kontakt
Aggrsn Drums Bundle
Boutique Drums Renegade & Medusa
Boutique Drums Renegade
Drums and Sound Design Library
Boutique Drums Medusa
Collection moderne de batterie
Boutique Drums Penny
Tight Rock Drums Sound from the 60's and 70's
Boutique Drums Jolene
Indie, Alternative, Country and Pop Drums
Boutique Drums Ruby
Big bang drums out of the box