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Pianoteq 6 Stage
Physically modelled Piano for musicians on a budget
Pianoteq 6 Pro
Physically modelled virtual instrument
Pianoteq 6 Standard
Powerful tools for sound shaping and recording
Pianoteq 6 Studio Bundle
Pianoteq PRO + all instrument packs
Pianoteq 6 Pro Upgrade
Upgrade to Pianoteq PRO 6
Pianoteq 6 Standard Upgrade
Upgrade from Pianoteq Stage to Pianoteq Standard
Pianoteq Ant. Petrof 275 Grand Piano
Grand Piano, authorized by PETROF
Pianoteq Steingraeber E-272 Grand Piano
Grand Piano Add-On for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq Blüthner Model One
World's first physical Model of Blüthner's Grand Piano
Pianoteq Celeste
Pianoteq AddOn including Celesta, Glockenspiel and Toy Piano
Pianoteq Concert Harp
Physically modelled after a Salvi Concert Grand Harp
Pianoteq Electric Pianos
Famous Electro-acoustic Pianos from the Seventies
Pianoteq D4 Grand Piano
A virtual copy of a Steinway D from Hamburg
Pianoteq Harpsichord
Superb virtual Instrument with authentic Sound and Response
Pianoteq Grotrian
Physically modelled Instrument authorized by Grotrian
Pianoteq K2 Grand Piano
Grand Piano developed especially for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq Hohner Collection
Four famous Keyboard Instruments authorized by Hohner
Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection 1
Historical Piano Collection
Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection 2
4 exceptional Instruments from the 18th and 19th Centuries
Pianoteq Steelpans
Steel Drum, Spacedrum, Hand Pan & Tank Drum
Pianoteq Xylo
Xylophone and Bass Marimba AddOn for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq U4 Upright Piano
Upright Piano AddOn for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq Vibes
Two virtual Vibraphones for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq YC5 Rock Piano
Rock Piano AddOn for Pianoteq 6