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Pianoteq 6 Stage
Physically modelled Piano for musicians on a budget
Pianoteq 6 Pro
Physically modelled virtual instrument
Pianoteq 6 Studio Bundle
Pianoteq PRO + all instrument packs
Pianoteq 6 Standard
Powerful tools for sound shaping and recording
Pianoteq 6 Pro Upgrade
Upgrade to Pianoteq PRO 6
Pianoteq 6 Standard Upgrade
Upgrade from Pianoteq Stage to Pianoteq Standard
Pianoteq Ant. Petrof 275 Grand Piano
Grand Piano, authorized by PETROF
Pianoteq Steingraeber E-272 Grand Piano
Grand Piano Add-On for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq Celeste
Pianoteq AddOn including Celesta, Glockenspiel and Toy Piano
Pianoteq Blüthner Model One
World's first physical Model of Blüthner's Grand Piano
Pianoteq Electric Pianos
Famous Electro-acoustic Pianos from the Seventies
Pianoteq D4 Grand Piano
A virtual copy of a Steinway D from Hamburg
Pianoteq Concert Harp
Physically modelled after a Salvi Concert Grand Harp
Pianoteq K2 Grand Piano
Grand Piano developed especially for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq Hohner Collection
Four famous Keyboard Instruments authorized by Hohner
Pianoteq Harpsichord
Superb virtual Instrument with authentic Sound and Response
Pianoteq Grotrian
Physically modelled Instrument authorized by Grotrian
Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection 1
Historical Piano Collection
Pianoteq Steelpans
Steel Drum, Spacedrum, Hand Pan & Tank Drum
Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection 2
4 exceptional Instruments from the 18th and 19th Centuries
Pianoteq Xylo
Xylophone and Bass Marimba AddOn for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq Vibes
Two virtual Vibraphones for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq U4 Upright Piano
Upright Piano AddOn for Pianoteq 6
Pianoteq YC5 Rock Piano
Rock Piano AddOn for Pianoteq 6