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Liquid Notes for Live

Liquid Notes for Live

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Liquid Notes for Ableton

Liquid Notes for Ableton Live - Intelligent Songwriting.

Liquid Notes for Live (Midi PlugIn) is a songwriting assistant tool for editing complex harmonic progressions.
It offers a controllable range of alternatives for chords and harmonies in singletrack or multitrack MIDI arrangements and makes the theory of harmony fully accessible to you.

A powerful harmonic analysis atomizes even complex multitrack songs and detects their various musical elements and their correlations.

Musical adaptation (resynthesis) builds meaningful musical context from various input data (e.g. melodies, bass lines, chords, loops, rhythmic patterns etc.).

This information is presented in a simple and clean user interface:

Liquid Notes for Live Interface

Chords appear as rectangular boxes, with a vertical slider and two rotary knobs for changing
chord functions, substitutions, and their tensions, respectively. Color codes indicate the
conventionality of the chords in the harmonic context.

Liquid Notes for Live Settings
This enables you to build up a MIDI arrangement in Live or to load an existing project, and to utilize the music intelligence of Liquid Notes to arrive at the sound and emotional message you are looking for. From variations of an entire song or just certain segments of it to spicing it up and making it sound different from others, Liquid Notes adds the intelligence to Live that helps you to apply such changes with a click of the mouse only. Any change to your arrangement is made in real time for all tracks, and is immediately audible for the user. Liquid Notes uses the Max for Live standard in Ableton Live 9 to run as a MIDI effect.


● Multitrack control over chord types, functions and tensions
● Intelligent harmony progression management
● Plays through the software instruments of Ableton Live
● Connects to Ableton Live via the Max for Live patch


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Language: englisch
4.0 of 5

The standard version of Liquid Notes is a third party support program that runs beside a DAW,takes multiple drag-and-drop MIDI tracks from your DAW (e.g.percussion, bass, rhythm, melody), analyses harmonies, and lets you alter chords (e.g. tonics to fourths to fifths) and colour them with the turn of a knob, play it back, and work with the version you like. It's suitable for composers who don't have extensive chord and harmony theory, who are looking for creative inspiration, who want to add harmonic complexity, or make simple, project-wide chord alterations quickly. I received this program through a loyalty promotion, and found it useful for rapidly mutating MIDI samples for certain kinds of soundtrack work. It did precisely what it set out to do, I had no problems with its harmonic analyses on my clips, so I decided to purchase the Live version. Liquid Notes for Live integrates directly with Ableton Live via Max 4 Live communications, allowing the program to extract track MIDI information from the DAW and play it back through Ableton without drag and drop of individual tracks. This can make it suitable for live performances (though I haven't tested it in that mode), and faster, more adaptive workflows (which is why I got it, and in which it seems to work well.) Like the stand-alone version, Liquid Notes for Live works as advertised. The Max integration involves some one-off drag-and-drop onto selected tracks which you could do before a live performance, but which is quick enough in a production workflow too. A well-conceived creativity tool aimed at rapidly mutating harmonies, it seems to get its harmonies right, and lets composers do everything from adding splashes of colour and shade, to warping chord progressions and melodies beyond recognition.

Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

Macht was es verspricht. Integration in Ableton Live ist gut gelungen.

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Java runtime environment or higher

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

OS X 10.6

Any installed and activated version of Ableton Live 9 is required to use this software!

Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.




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