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Nouveaux produits

Orchestral Percussion
Master Percussion Add-on Instrument Collection
IKM Cinematic Percussion
Sounds, Loops and Patterns for SampleTank 4
Veevum Astra
Complex Evolving Sampling for Ambient/Cinematic Music
Veevum Luna
Gritty Spacey Sampling for Ambient/Cinematic Music
Veevum Terra
100 Acoustic Earthly Sound Sources & 50+ Snapshots Presets
Stadium Rock
A huge collection of modern and retro rock hits
Micro Variety Effect Plugin
Create dramatic wind and storm ambiences
LS Levelator
Normalization tool for batch processing sound files
A space ambiance sound synthesizer
Cinematic whoosh effects & futuristic vehicle sounds
A fire and heat sound synthesizer
Guitars Vol. 4
50 Clean & Distorted Electric Guitar Presets for Avenger
Perfect Voice-over In No Time
Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals
Two Amazing Vocal True Legatos
Spectral Processing Audio Plugin
Sotware Toool for immersive Soundscapes
BeatMaker Kandy Crossgrade
For registered users of any Ujam BeatMaker
BeatMaker Kandy
Sweet & Edgy Drums - Beats to write hits to
V-Collection 8
28 seminal instruments, supercharged, and at your command
Drum and Bass 1
160 Psy Presets for Avenger
Future Bass 1
The Future Bass expansion for your Avenger synth
Nuendo Update
For registered users of Nuendo 10
Post Rock - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Post Rock Preset Collection by Niall McCallum
Colours: Adaptive Runs
Perfect Orchestral Runs - Every Time