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Nouveaux produits

Jazz Works 3
Authentic Late-Night Jazz Styles
Riot: Dark Trap Kits
In-your-face Trap hits that will inspire musical mayhem
T-RackS Comprexxor
The Swiss Army Knife of Compressors
Timeless 3
Versatile, vintage-sounding tape delay
RipX DeepAudio
Powerful, AI empowered audio editor
RipX DeepRemix
Creative, AI empowered audio editor
EZkeys MIDI Modern Funk
Inspired by modern funk and other related genres
EZbass MIDI Modern Funk
EZbass MIDI inspired by modern funk music
Drum MIDI Modern Funk Grooves
Grooves & fills inspired by funk of the past few decades
AVA Drum Flow
All-in-one Bass Drum Suite
Versatile Synthesizer
Natural sounding artificial stereo expander
All the Melda effects and instruments in one huge bundle
The complete collection of MeldaProduction effects
31 MeldaProduction Effects
Suite of 22 revolutionary technology plugins
Suite of 28 revolutionary technology plugins
Multiband Limiting Tool
Multiband Reverberation Processor
smart:EQ 3 Upgrade
Upgrade for users of smart:EQ 2
Pan Knob
Panning Tool with Superior Algorithm
Little Clipper
Hard/Soft Clipping Plugin
Manic Compressor
6 Unique Compression models
Expanse 3D
3D Space Enhancer Plugin
smart:EQ 3
The world's first multitrack EQ