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Nouveaux produits

Room Tones USA 3D Surround
Room Tones USA Stereo
Room Tones - The Elementary Ingredient
T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb
Captures the acoustics of the iconic Sunset Sound studios
JUICY: Upbeat Hip Hop
25 Construction Kits full of Hip Hop and Pop Flavor
British Bundle
True Modeling of Vintage British Effects
BeatMaker Void
A virtual Beatmaker for crazy banging Drum & Bass Tracks
Ample Metal Hellrazer - AMH
9-string Electric Guitar based on a Schecter Hellraiser
Ample 3in1 Metal Bundle
Metal Guitar Eclipse, Metal Bass Ray5 & Metal Hellrazer
PSP Ultimate Modular Collection
All the very best from PSP Modular
PSP nitroModular Collection
The afterburner for you modular
PSP Poly Modular Collection
Escape the Modular Mono Imposition
PSP Classics Modular Collection
The world of PSP becomes modular
PSP Studio Modular Collection
Soundshaping inside your modular
Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums
The whole world of Modular Synthesis
Voltage Modular Ignite
Catch a glimpse at what modular has to offer
Voltage Ignite Upgrade to Core + Electro Drums
Upgrade to Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums
Putty Piano
Experimental Prepared Piano Library
Bowed Glass Clouds
Morphing Pad Instrument based on Glass Bowsl & Jars
Bowed Guitar Clouds
Cinematic Morphing Pad Instrument
EZkeys MIDI Epic Themes
EZkeys MIDI inspired by Epic Soundtracks
Playful collection of Sounds from cheap digital Keyboards
Risenge Core
Pre-designed Rises, Suckbacks, Build-ups, Downfalls & Hits
Risenge Pro
Rises, Suckbacks, Build-ups, Downfalls & Cinematic Hits
FX Collection
15 Audio Effect Plug-ins in a Bundle
AmpliTube FullTone Collection
AmpliTube Orange
The official Orange Amp & Cab Collection
AmpliTube MESA/Boogie
Officially certified MESA/Boogie Amplifiers & Cabinets
AmpliTube Leslie
The best sounding Leslie models in digital form, period.
AmpliTube Fender Collection
Guitar/Bass Amp and FX collection
AmpliTube Joe Satriani
Signature Joe Satriani gear collection for AmpliTube
Evolution Devastator
Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit
Evolution Devastator Full Edition
Devastator Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit & Deathmatch
Evolution Devastator Deathmatch
Premium Custom Signature Sound Effects
EZmix-Pack Mick Guzauski
50 custom signal chain presets for EZmix 2
Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn
SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments
Electric Guitar, Concert Guitar & Upright Bass
Mono/Stereo Channel Strip Plug-in with 3 combinable Tools
Summing device based on a variety of analog devices
925 Compressor
MIA Laboratories’ preferred Main Mix Compressor
Fat Channel XT
Complete Channel Strip Plug-in