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Nouveaux produits

Detailed emulation of the Roland Jupiter-4
Surroundings: Natural Lo-Fi Beats
Chill out with 20 Lo-fi Hip Hop construction kits
Drum MIDI Acoustic Songwriter Grooves
Atelier Series Anthem Choir
Legato Choir for Pop/Rock, Anthemic Genres
Humanized - Chromaphone 3 Sound Pack
Cinematic Preset Sound Collection by Daniel Stawczyk
Chillout Lounge 1
137 Chillout Lounge Presets for Avenger
The Orchestra Essentials
Your fast track to Orchestral Composing
Acoustic Guitar Trio
Combinations of steel, string, 12 string & mandolin guitar
Daydreamin: Indie Pop
20 groundbreaking Indie Pop Construction Kits
EZX Singer-Songwriter
Drum kits for acoustic pop, rock, indie, folk and more
Delphi Piano: Autumn 1958
Character Piano for Kontakt
Custom Opto
Classic Opto Compressor on Steroids
Reason 12
Advanced music production and recording software
Reason 12 Upgrade
Upgrade from Reason Essentials, Intro, Adapted or Limited
Reason 12 Update
Update from Reason (all versions) to Reason 12
Chronicles Brass & Wood
Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Flugelhorn
SYNCHRON-ized Single Woodwinds Package
SYNCHRON-ized Oboe Ensemble
Oboe Ensemble of Three Players playing in Unison
SYNCHRON-ized Bassoon Ensemble
Ensemble of three Musicians playing in Unison
SYNCHRON-ized Clarinet Ensemble
Three well-rehearsed Musicians playing in Unison
SYNCHRON-ized Flute Ensemble
Ensemble with three well-rehearsed musicians
SYNCHRON-ized Basset Horn
Warm,full-sounding Instrument for the Vienna Synchron Playe
SYNCHRON-ized Contrabass Clarinet
Single Woodwind Instrument for Brass and Military Music
SYNCHRON-ized Clarinet (Eb)
Re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player
SYNCHRON-ized Heckelphone
Playable Heckelphone for the Vienna Synchron Player