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Nouveaux produits

FX Rack Complete Bundle
5 Apogee FX & FX Rack Plugins
FX Rack ModFX Bundle
Visual Compressor/Limiter & 6 Band Visual Equalizer
FX Rack Pultec Bundle
Program & Midrange Equalizer
FX Rack Pultec MEQ-5
Midrange Equalizer modeled from a Pultec unit
FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A
Program Equalizer modeled from a Pultec unit
FX Rack Opto-3A
Optical Compressor/Limiter
FX Rack ModEQ 6
6 Band Parametric EQ
FX Rack ModComp
Modern Compressor/Limiter
Culture: Current Hip Hop
20 construction kits of today's biggest beat stylings
World Strings Guzheng
One of a kind Guzheng library
EBX Americana
Meticulously captured late-’60s electric bass guitar
M-Tron MkII
Tape sounds from the 1960s Chamberlin & Mellotron
The iconic sound of the VCA channel dynamics section
Atelier Series Austin Saxes
Legato Saxophones Library performed by Colin Houlihan
Audio and MIDI Streaming Plugin
Upright Bass 2
Virtuoso playing, lower tempos, and a deep & warm tone
Country Lovin: Modern Country
Modern Country loops in construction kit format
Ample China Dadi - ACDD
Virtual version of a Dadi Xuehua Dong Masterbuilt
Hyperion Brass Micro
Brass Ensemble Library
Everything Bundle Crossgrade RX PPS
Crossgrade from any version of RX Post Production Suite
Everything Bundle Crossgrade MPS/MPB
For Music Production Suite/Music Production Bundle Users
Mix & Master Bundle Advanced
Your advanced toolset for mixing and mastering
Mix & Master Bundle Advanced Crossgrade
For users of any iZotope product (inc. Free and Elements)
Mix & Master Bundle Advanced Upgrade
For users of any iZotope Advanced Product or Neoverb
Mosaic Leads
Explore the cinematic potential of big, analog synth leads