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Nouveaux produits

Infinitely configurable channel strip plug-in
Humanity: Orchestral Soundscapes
Unique collection of Huge Orchestral Soundscapes
Massive collection of Orchestral Sound Effects
Chandler Limited Zener-Bender
Professional channel strip for the Console 1 ecosystem
358 Enhancer
Control and Enhance your Bass and Treble
Joachim´s Piano
Joachim Horsley´s lovingly-restored 1890's Steinway B
Fraktale Fragmente
Exquisite, experimental sound library by Neuheimat
The Resource - Lost Tapes
Musical Treasure Chest with Vintage Licks & Phrases
Touchscreen Application for Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo
Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax
Unique library of Pianos, Drums & more
The World´s First Atomic Audio Editor
EZkeys MIDI Synth-Pop
Piano MIDI inspired by new wave and synth-pop music
Tone Morsels
The essential strings and tuned percussion collection
FORZO Essentials
Collection of Core Elements from FORZO: Modern Brass
Infinity EQ
Modern 24 Band Drag Style EQ
Symphobia 4: Pandora Core
Adaptive Orchestral Transitions & Effects - Core Edition
Sound Design-X Bundle
Six formidable virtual Synths and Effects Plug-ins
URBAN-X Bundle
Five virtual Synths and Effects Plug-ins for Urban Music
Sound Design-X Bundle Upgrade
For owners of Blue II, Punch 2 or Blade
EDM-X Bundle
Virtual Synths and Effects Plug-ins for EDM
URBAN-X Bundle Upgrade
For owners of SubBoomBass 2, Punch 2 or Urban Bundle
EDM-X Bundle Upgrade
Upgrade for owners of Predator 2, Raw or EDM Bundle
Virtual Bassist Bundle 2
3 unique bassist plug-ins: ROYAL, ROWDY and MELLOW
Virtual Bassist Mellow 2
Smooth & Elegant Fingered Acoustic Bass
Virtual Bassist Rowdy 2
Rough and driven picked Rock Bass
Virtual Bassist Royal 2
Smooth & Noble Fingered Electric Bass
Virtual Bassist Bundle 2 Upgrade
For registered users of the Virtual Bassist Bundle
Virtual Bassist Rowdy 2 Upgrade
For registered users of Virtual Bassist Rowdy
Virtual Bassist Mellow 2 Upgrade
For registered users of Virtual Bassist Mellow
Virtual Bassist Royal 2 Upgrade
For registered users of Virtual Bassist Royal
Brighter: Future Bass Vibes
Brighten up your music with 50 Future Bass construction Kits
Drum Midi Beats of Berlin
Drum grooves and fills inspired by new wave, rock and pop
Sonible Studio Bundle
smart:EQ 2, smart:comp, proximityEQ+ and entropyEQ+
Vertigo Violin
Unique and inspiring Violin Ensemble
Hopkin Instrumentarium: Metaltines
Expressively nuanced assortment of Metal Lamellaphones
I Heart NY
Parallel Compression Plug-in
Super VHS
1980s Lofi Multi-FX Audio Plug-in
Ibizia House 1
Avenger Preset Collection by Marcel Seifer
Volume 4
Softube Effect and Instrument Plug-ins
Volume 4 Upgrade Volume 2
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 2