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Nouveaux produits

Drum MIDI Detroit Soul Grooves
Drum grooves and fills inspired by the iconic Motown Era
EZkeys MIDI Detroit Soul
Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by the ‘Motown’ Era
Djembe X3M
A fresh, percussive wave, straight from Africa
Aura: Atmospheric Drone Builder
Easily create the perfect Drones, Pads, and Soundscapes
House 4 Ever
10 larger-than-life modern house construction kits
Atelier Series: Daydream
Four instruments geared towards emotional, ethereal contexts
EZbass MIDI British Invasion
Inspired by the bassists and rock bands of the 1960s
EZkeys MIDI British Invasion
Inspired by the Rock Bands of the 1960s
Drum MIDI British Invasion Grooves
Drum grooves and fills inspired by pop & rock from the 60s
Remixvideo Pro
VJ Sotware Made Intuitive
Creative Reverb Processor
XA Complete Bundle
Ultra realistic synth and guitar sound
Mosaic Tape
Creative tape processing instrument
Big Bang Orchestra: Solaris
FX Woodwinds - Growling lows and virtuosic highs
Big Bang Orchestra: Regulus
Drum MIDI Heavy Rock Grooves
Earth-shattering rock drum grooves and fills
Touchscreen Application for Bitwig Studio 3
Beautifully sampled Schiedmayer Celeste
Meet the DCO-106
Music Production Suite 4
Unmask your mix, unlock your sound
Music Production Suite 4 Crossgrade
Crossgrade for owners of any paid iZotope product
Music Production Suite 4 Upgrade
Upgrade for owners of any iZotope Advanced Product
Music Production Suite 4 Update
Update for owners of Music Production Suite 3
Music Assistent Bundle
Ozone 9, RX 8, Nectar 3 Plus & Tonal Balance Control 2
Music Assistent Bundle Crossgrade
For registered users of any paid iZotope Product