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Nouveaux produits

EZX Gospel
Drum tones inspired by Gospel Music
A revolutionary algorithmic reverb
Stereo Field Processor
Orchestral Chimes Collection
The Collection 1
175 presets for any kind of genre
60s Acid Rock Vol.1
Intense Drums, powerful Bass Riffs and psychedelic Guitars
The Cinematic Bundle
Broken Beats, Strings, 8-String Guitars & Cinematic FX
BeatMaker Nemesis
Cyberpunk Beats - Broken, Dark and Intense
BeatMaker Nemesis Crossgrade
For registered Users of any Ujam BeatMaker v2
OB-E – An Octaphonic Sonic Adventure
Multi-award winning emulation of the Oscar synthesizer
Analog modelling of the legendary Model D
Emulation of the versatile ARP Odyssey synthesizer
Empirical Labs Trak Pak
Empirical Labs Channel Strip Expansion for Console 1
EZbass MIDI Latin Jazz
EZbass MIDI playing styles inspired by Latin Jazz Music
EZkeys MIDI Latin Jazz
EZkeys MIDI inspired by the Latin Jazz Genre
Drum MIDI Latin Jazz
Grooves and Fills inspired by Latin Jazz Music
Live 11 Suite Upgrade
Upgrade for users of Live LITE
Live 11 Suite
Complete & innovative Software Suite
Live 11 Standard Upgrade
Upgrade for users of Live LITE
Live 11 Standard
Complete & innovative Software Suite
Live 11 Intro
DAW Essentials at a Great Price
African Colours
African drums, instruments & vocals
Atelier Series Amy
Legato vocal release for emotional and cinematic contexts
Ancient Greek Strings
7 deeply sampled stringed instruments