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VSL: Up to 40% Off All Pianos & Keyboards

Banner VSL: Up to 40% Off All Pianos & Keyboards

Up to 40% OFF  all Pianos & Keyboards

During the entire month of June, 2021, VSL are lowering the prices of all keyed instruments, including Synchron Pianos, SYNCHRON-ized Special Keyboards, the VI Vienna Imperial, VI Special Keyboards as well as the included Single Instruments.

Produits participants:
Keyboards Complete
All keyboard instruments of the Vienna Symphonic Library
Prepared Piano
Special Keyboards
Instruments à clavier exceptionnelles et classiques
Super Package
The ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library anthology
Synchron Blüthner 1895
Exceptional Grand Piano with a legendary “Golden Tone”
Synchron Boesendorfer 280VC
The Viennese Concert Grand for the 21st Century
Synchron Boesendorfer Imperial
Warm, orchestral sound, rich in depth and tone color
Synchron Boesendorfer Upright
A modern classic - upright design, grand sound
Synchron Concert D-274
Grand Piano recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna
Synchron Package
Selection of Synchron Series Libraries
Synchron Pianos Bundle
SYNCHRON-ized Special Keyboards
Vienna Imperial
The Bösendorfer Imperial 290-755 in all its beauty
Yamaha CFX
Yamaha CFX Grand Piano, recorded at VSL Synchron Stage

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