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Ujam Sale - Save Up To 72%

Banner Ujam Sale - Save Up To 72%

Ujam Black Friday Sale:

Save Up To 72% On All Products (Updates & Upgrades excluded).

Only valid through December 6th.

Produits participants:
BeatMaker Bundle
The Allrounder Bundle for all styles
BeatMaker Dope
A virtual beat maker for Hip Hop, Boom Bap and Rap
BeatMaker Eden
A virtual beat maker for electronic dance music tracks
BeatMaker Hiphop Bundle
From gritty to atmospheric - the BeatMaker HipHop Bundle
BeatMaker Hustle
A virtual beat maker for Trap, Grime and Bass Music
BeatMaker HYPE
Create Huge Festival Anthems
BeatMaker Vice
Punchy Drums: 80s, Synthwave and Retro
BeatMaker Void
A virtual Beatmaker for crazy banging Drum & Bass Tracks
Finisher Bundle
Effects for contemporary Sound Design
Finisher Fluxx
Deconstruct, transform and animate your sounds
Finisher NEO
Pro-grade Audio Effect Plug-in
Finisher Voodoo
Creative Guitar Effects Like No Other
The Full Bundle
The UJAM Collectors Edition - All plug-ins in one Bundle
Virtual Bassist Bundle 2
4 unique bassist plug-ins: ROYAL, ROWDY, MELLOW & DANDY
Virtual Bassist Dandy
Ultra-smooth, highly-polished electric bass
Virtual Bassist Mellow 2
Smooth & Elegant Fingered Acoustic Bass
Virtual Bassist Rowdy 2
Rough and driven picked Rock Bass
Virtual Bassist Royal 2
Smooth & Noble Fingered Electric Bass
Virtual Drummer 2 Bundle
A drummer for every occasion
Virtual Drummer 2 Heavy
Authentic Pro Drum Performances in a Snap
Virtual Drummer 2 Phat
Funk-A-Licious & Groovy Drums
Virtual Drummer 2 Solid
Virtual Guitarist Amber
Warm and shiny Steel-string Acoustic Guitar
Virtual Guitarist Bundle
A team of virtual guitar heroes at your fingertips
Virtual Guitarist Iron
Powerful distorted chords and interval riffs
Virtual Guitarist Silk
Classy Nylon Guitar Finger Picking
Virtual Guitarist Sparkle

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