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Ujam Sale - Save Up To 70%

Banner Ujam Sale - Save Up To 70%

Ujam Black Friday Sale:

Save Up To 70% On All Products (Updates & Upgrades excluded).

Only valid through December 5th.

Produits participants:
BeatMaker Bundle
The Allrounder Bundle for all styles
BeatMaker Dope
A virtual beat maker for Hip Hop, Boom Bap and Rap
BeatMaker Eden
A virtual beat maker for electronic dance music tracks
BeatMaker Glory
BIG beats for fame and glory
BeatMaker Hiphop Bundle
From gritty to atmospheric - the BeatMaker HipHop Bundle
BeatMaker Hustle
A virtual beat maker for Trap, Grime and Bass Music
BeatMaker HYPE
Create Huge Festival Anthems
BeatMaker Kandy
Sweet & Edgy Drums - Beats to write hits to
BeatMaker Nemesis
Cyberpunk Beats - Broken, Dark and Intense
BeatMaker Vice
Punchy Drums: 80s, Synthwave and Retro
BeatMaker Void
A virtual Beatmaker for crazy banging Drum & Bass Tracks
Finisher Bundle
Effects for contemporary Sound Design
Finisher Dynamo
Animate, morph, and re-groove your sounds
Finisher Fluxx
Deconstruct, transform and animate your sounds
Finisher Micro
Over 40 Effect Algorithms of all types
Finisher NEO
Pro-grade Audio Effect Plug-in
Finisher Retro
Vintage Multi-Effect Plug-in
Finisher Voodoo
Creative Guitar Effects Like No Other
Groovemate ONE
Groovy percussion for popular styles
Symphonic Elements Bundle
Drums and strings from Hans Zimmer’s library
Symphonic Elements DRUMS
Hans Zimmer’s personal collection of percussive samples
Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS
Modern string ensemble textures with a sound design twist
The Cinematic Bundle
Broken Beats, Strings, 8-String Guitars & Cinematic FX
The Full Bundle
The UJAM Collectors Edition - All plug-ins in one Bundle
Virtual Bassist Bundle 2
4 unique bassist plug-ins: ROYAL, ROWDY, MELLOW & DANDY
Virtual Bassist Dandy
Ultra-smooth, highly-polished electric bass
Virtual Bassist Mellow 2
Smooth & Elegant Fingered Acoustic Bass
Virtual Bassist Rowdy 2
Rough and driven picked Rock Bass
Virtual Bassist Royal 2
Smooth & Noble Fingered Electric Bass
Virtual Drummer 2 Brute
Drums for rock, grunge, punk, and cross-over styles
Virtual Drummer 2 Bundle
A drummer for every occasion
Virtual Drummer 2 Deep
Virtual Drummer 2 Heavy
Authentic Pro Drum Performances in a Snap
Virtual Drummer 2 Phat
Funk-A-Licious & Groovy Drums
Virtual Drummer 2 Solid
Virtual Drummer 2 Solid Update
Update to Virtual Drummer 2 Solid
Virtual Guitarist Amber
Warm and shiny Steel-string Acoustic Guitar
Virtual Guitarist Bundle
A team of virtual guitar heroes at your fingertips
Virtual Guitarist Carbon
Organic, distorted and processed rhythm guitar sounds
Virtual Guitarist Iron 2
Powerful distorted chords and interval riffs
Virtual Guitarist Silk
Classy Nylon Guitar Finger Picking

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