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Ueberschall - Summer Sale - Up to 50% OFF

Banner Ueberschall - Summer Sale - Up to 50% OFF

Summer Sale - Up to 50% OFF all Ueberschall single products through August 14th!

With the purchase of Ueberschall Bundles you can even save 80% compared to a single purchase.

Click Here for the Bundle Deal!

Produits participants:
2Step Garage
30 dance constructions kits from dub to grime
50s Jazz Guitar Trio
Classic sound of a guitar-led jazz band
60s a GoGo
Retro loops & grooves inspired the faboulus sixties.
60s Acid Rock Vol.1
Intense Drums, powerful Bass Riffs and psychedelic Guitars
60s Acid Rock Vol.2
Instant Sound of the 60s Guitar Hero
60s Psychedelic Rock
Psychedelic Sounds & Grooves of the 60s
70s Funk Rock
The best of both worlds!
8 Bit Stylez
Brilliant lo-fi samples
80s Punk & New-Wave
Hard Rock Grooves, from LA punk to hardcore!
80s RnB
80ies Style Construction Kits, Loops und Samples
80s Synthwave
Classic 80s synth-based hits with a modern edge
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar, the perfect loop collection for songwriters
Acoustic Guitar 2
Production ready Acoustic Guitar Loops
Acoustic Guitar Trio
Combinations of steel, string, 12 string & mandolin guitar
Acoustic Lounge
24 Construction Kits of Smooth and Soulful Tunes
Action Cuts
Soul & Funk Loops & Grooves for film, TV, games & more
2400 verbal and nonverbal phrases sung by professionals!
African Dance
Infectious grooves and rhythms
African House
Deep Tribal Grooves
Emotional and evocative Sound design
Ambient Lines
Professional effects, surfaces, and sound design!
Ambient Noises
A trip to the darker end of the ambient spectrum
Ambient Textures
Ambient, Sound Effects, Loops and Samples
Loops and Construction Kits with a Cinematic Feel
Analog Attack
Range of the finest pure analog Grooves & Loops.
Analog FX
Incredible FX Collection, perfect for movies and more
AntiGravity Maneuvers
Cross-genre EDM sample collection!
Art Of Sounds
Creative sound, excellent sound design
Astral Electro Flux
Abstract sound experiments and analog synthesizer sounds
Balkan Lines
Dance, club, rnb meets traditional balkan music
Bass Saxophone UE
The deepest baritone sax riffs & loops!
Percussive Samba Grooves with an African influence
Beach House
10 authentic and chilled house music construction kits
Beyond Tech House
The perfect fusion of two worlds!
Blues Colors
Handmade grooves with a real blues feel
Blues Guitar
100 Top Blues Progressions
Blues Rock
A modern take on the Blues but with a very retro sound
Bollywood Pop
Western European beats and traditional Indian pop music
Brasil Nova Primeiro
Genuine Flavor of Classic Brasilian Music
Brasil Nova Segundo
Follow up to Brasil Nova Primeiro!
Breaking Beats
Super-funky, super-cool, infectious Drum Grooves
C.R.U.N.K. Southern Storm
Nasty, dirty loops & grooves for your next Crunk beats!
Chart Hits
Top 10 sound for your next hits!
Chart Hits 2
anthemic electronic pop and four to the floor beats
Chart Hits 3
Good-Time Guitar Grooves
Chill House
Sounds for the ultimate warm-up time and chill-Floor
Chillout Breeze
Relaxed and deep chillout & downtempo samples
Chillout Lounge
Electonic to jazzy grooves
Chillout Lounge 2
Relaxed and refined Chillout Moods!
Chillout Zone
Relaxed grooves and sample accurate loops
10 Construction Kits, 662 Loops & Samples
Chinese Instruments
Collection of individual Instrument Performances
Cinematic Guitar Loops
Huge collection of atmospheric Guitar Performances
Cinematic Timeshift
Cinematic soundscapes and effects
Classical Guitar
Contemporary Nylon String Guitar - 400 Loops
Club Electro
Synth Grooves and Beats
Club R&B
Finest R&B, directly from the club, for the clubs!
Commercial Pop
Commercial Pop - Library Music for TV & Radio Ads
Concert Flute
Delicate Melodic Moods
Country Loops
A must for country music producers!
Massive and unique style and hard beats!
Cumbia Digital
Columbian rhythms fused with modern beats
Dancehall Madness
These loops make any booty shake!
Dancehall Madness Vol. II
Excellent dancehall grooves & samples
Dark Atmospheres
Collection of sophisticated Musical Textures
Dark Guitar Tunes
Atmospheric, dark, and experimental guitar sounds
Daytime Tunes
Pop / Score Music Soundbank for Songwriters & Producers
Deep Electro House
Beats, synths & FX for Deep House to Electro Music!
Deep House
Finest deep house sound, loops & grooves!
Deep House - Club Sounds Vol. 1
The hottest club sounds & loops
Delta Blues
10 authentic construction kits
Disco de Luxe
The disco sound of the 70s in one sample library
Disco House
Funky Disco loops meet groovy House! 1,4 GB night fever!
10 Constructions Kits with the classic vibe of pure Disco
Downtempo Beats
Organic Downtempo Grooves
Downtempo Guitar
Nearly 240 unique Jazz flavoured phrases
Downtempo Guitar 2
Inspiring collection of funk-influenced performances
Drum & Bass Lounge
Relaxed Drum & Bass Grooves & Loops
Drum & Bass Vol.1
Drum & bass grooves for the current DnB-chart banger
Dub Reggae
Real dub reggae sound - grooves & loops
In your face library! Massive sound tools for dubstep!
Dubstep Destruction
Dubstep massive basses, synths and drums
Warm Subbasslines, swirling pads, wide Chords!
Easy Sixties
Construction Kits, Loops and Samples
Electric Bass
Realistic, clean, authentic bass grooves
Electric Disco
Perfect Blend of Classic Disco and Contemporary House
Electric Guitar Moods
Mellow Fingerpicked Phrases
Electro Beats Pop
Perfect Toolkit for Electronic Pop productions
Electro House 2
Electro House Construction Kits
Electro House UE
Sophisticated Club Samples & Loops
Electro ID
High-tech techno loops and samples
Electro Producer Pack
A huge library of the latest electronic sounds
Electro Producer Pack 2
Electro sound & samples
Over 1000 analog bass and lead lines
Essentials Of The Order
Bombastic sample collection with 8600 loops & samples!
Finest R&B
Smooth and sexy R&B samples
Flugelhorn Jazz loops and samples
Flugelhorn 2
Smooth Flugelhorn loops and phrases
Funk & Soul- Elastik Inspire Series
Funky Soul Grooves with authentic feeling!
Funk Rock Fusion Vol.1
5 Extended Construction Kits with over 3GB of Samples
Funk Up
A massive slice of funk history
Top-class funky guitar licks
Funky Acoustic Guitar
Super-cool Acoustic Guitar Performances
Funky Electro House
Funky Electro House - 316 loops and single-sounds!
Funky Tonewheels
Numerous authentic organ loops & grooves
Future FX
Professional & futuristic sound FX library
Future Garage
Future Garage: 2-step, dubstep, deep house and dub techno!
Glam Rock
A nostalgic trip to the 70s - must buy!
Glitch Art
10 fully-stocked constructions kits
Groove Shadow Elastik
Ingenious sound design and FX
Dirty and distorted drum, bass and guitar loops!
Wonderfully played guitar licks
Guitar Ballads
Soulful, professionally played guitar grooves
Guitar Ballads 2
Classic Rock and Pop Ballads with a modern touch
Guitar Feedback
Guitar Feedback brings Art from the Noise
Hardtechno vs. Schranz
Hard Techno Loops and Schranz produced by Robert Natus
Hip Hop Underground
One of the best hip hop sample collection
Horn Section
Flexible horn phrases in best quality!
House Elastik Inspire Series
Outstanding house samples ! Over 2,500 sounds!
House Musique
90s Funky Disco House Construction Kits, Loops and Licks
Indie Rock
Extremely rocky loops & grooves
Indie Rock 2
Loops of a whole band with real jam-character!
Indie Rock 3
Modern Commercial Rock with an Edge
Indie Rock 4
10 fully featured construction kits
Pop-based Tunes with an Indie Feel
Jazz Colors
Jazzy samples, from swing to fusion.
Jazz Guitar
Smooth Electric Lead Lines
Jazz Guitar 2
Jazz Guitar licks and phrases
Jazz Lounge
Mellow moods flavored with Jazz
Jazz Trip
10 LoFi Vibe Construction Kits, 894 Loops & Phrases
Jazz Works 1
10 Construction Kits, 1230 Jazz Loops & Phrases
Jazz Works 2
10 Construction Kits, 1300 Jazz Loops & Phrases
Jazz Works 3
Authentic Late-Night Jazz Styles
Late Night Session
Loops & Grooves of a full live band
Latin Brasil Beats
Substantial collection of irresistible Latin rhythms
LoFi Beats
Masterclass Downtempo Grooves
LoFi Lounge
Mellow, jazz-infused grooves
Looptool 3
The third part of the acclaimed Looptool series!
Low Tuned Strings
The lowest acoustic bass sounds - gets under your skin!
Metal - No Headroom
Very special metal library for producers
Metal 2
10 Metal Construction Kits for your Elastik Player
Metal Riffs
Low-Tuned Guitars Loops and Phrases
Minimal Techno
Popping bass and drums - Minimal & Techno sound!
Modular Structures
Synths, synth FX, pads, sound effects and drum loops
Mute Trumpet
Massive collection of jazzy solo phrases
Neo Soul
10 Neo Soul Construction Kits, 656 Loops & Samples
The dark side of Drum 6 Bass
Quiet and relaxing samples for the extra chill-factor
Nightshift 2
10 Construction Kits with Chilled Tunes for Relaxed Moods
Noise Floor
Soulful LoFi Cuts
Northern Techno
Perfect Toolkit For Cutting-Edge Club Tunes
Nouvelle Discotheque
Nice and bright disco grooves - funky and cool!
Nu Metal
Killer grooves & loops for the hardest metal sound!
On the Rock
Uncompromising rock sound that combines the 70s, 80s and 90s
Oriental RnB
Cool R&B grooves, mixed with oriental sounds
Paranormal Atmospheres
10 construction kits with more than 900 loops
Pedal Steel
Beautiful performance phrases full of character
Percussion UE
Percussion instruments of different styles
Planet Trance
Trance beats, effects and grooves for your latest hits!
Pop Ballads
The necessary tools for professional-sounding pop music
Pop Music
The ultimate pop production workstation!
Pop Rock
10 huge Pop Rock construction kits
Electro-Pop Vibe with an Indie Feel
Punk Rock
Rock grooves with authentic jam-feeling
Rare Grooves Vol.1
The definition of 70s Music
Reggae Fundamentals
Modern roots reggae grooves & samples
Reggae Fundamentals 2
Versatile library full of excellent reggae riddims!
Reggaeton UE
Reggaeton beats, combined with the special latin flavor!
Relaxed Guitar Grooves
Smooth Guitar Instrumentals with Cool Rhythms
Resonator Guitar
Traditional Sounds For Modern Music
Retro Action Score
Authentic retro action score in the style of the classics
Rock - Elastik Inspire Series
Authentic rock atmosphere, perfect samples
Rock Ballads
Great sound for great rock ballads
Rock Ballads 2
10 Radio-ready construction kits
Rock Classics
Professional recording of an entire rock band
Rock Fusion
638 Rock Fusion Loops & Phrases
Roots Reggae
21 live recorded reggae construction kits
Saxophone phrase, and groove
Saxophone 2
Soulful and Smooth Saxophone Phrases
Saxophone Solos
Funky Tenor Saxophone Licks
Score Elements
The perfect sounds and sound FX for film, games & more
Score FX
Sound design and audio FX for movies & games
Score FX 2
Professionelles sound design and FX
300 selected Tracks and over 40 different Music Styles!
Sensory Disruption
High-end sound fx for film, games & multimedia!
Shred Guitar
Shred virtuoso guitar loops
Solo Guitar
Solo guitar loops - different musical styles
Soulful Pop
Soulful pop samples for professionals! 3.8 GB of grooves
Sounds of Berlin
The unique sound of the Berlin clubs!
For scoring, games, trailers, audio logos, and much more.!
Space Guitar
Ambient & Atmospheric Guitars
Steel Pan
Over 400 unique Steel Pan Loops & Phrases
Studio Works
Sample collection, inspired by Acid Funk and Nu Jazz
Sunny Moods
10 feel good Construction Kits to make you smile
Sunny Moods 2
Kindergarten Instruments
Supreme Styles
The ultimate library for Hip Hop, R&B, Club and Dancehall
Synth Phunk
Funky Electro Pop Construction Kits
Synth Pop
Electric pop sounds and loops
Synthesizer Solos
Virtuoso Solo Synthesizer Performances
Synthetic Soundtracks 1
Futuristic character of classic synth-led film and TV Scores
Synthetic Soundtracks 2
Over 1000 Cinematic Loops & Samples
Synthetic Soundtracks 3
Cinematic, Score Music Construction Kits
Brilliant bass and lead phrases for all current music genres
Tech House Producer Pack
The best elements of house and techno in a library!
Tech House Vol. 1
Techno & house grooves
Techno ID
10 construction kits that capture the sound of Berlin Techno
Tenor Saxophone - Ueberschall
The Resource
The ultimate sample collection with 10 GB of sounds!
The Resource - Lost Tapes
Musical Treasure Chest with Vintage Licks & Phrases
Thrash Metal
Ultimate library to start your headbanging productions!
Trance ID
The latest club and trance sounds!
Trance ID 2
Neo-, electro-, tech-trance & progressive and minimal
4.3 of 5
Finest Trap beats & grooves!
Trumpet 2
Beautifully produced Solo Trumpet Lines
Trumpet Solos
Virtuoso High-Notes Performances
The distinctive guitar sound of the 60s
Twelve String Electric
Nearly 700 guitar loops and phrases
Ueberschall - Upright Bass
Deep bass loops and licks, 61-130 BPM, and much more
Infectious and positive loops & phrases
Uplifting Trance
Inspiring collection for versatile multimedia productions
Upright Bass 2
Virtuoso playing, lower tempos, and a deep & warm tone
Upright Piano
Over 800 loops and phrases for 60s or 70s pop sound
Urban - Elastik Inspire Series
Urban kits beats real - Urban will inspire you!
Urban Ballads
R&B Beats & Grooves for catchy ballads with soul
Stylish urban hip hop grooves & loops!
Urbanic Guitars
Urbanic guitar loops sample library
Urbanic II
Sample the finest authentic materials for urban music
Urbanic Producer Pack
A complete collection of urban and hip hop elements
Urbanic Producer Pack 2
The perfect library for urban producer
Vocal Dance Hits
Complete Dance & Pop Anthems with Vocals
Vocal Dance Hits 2
Dance Floor Hits with Vocals
Vocal House 02
Driving beats, synth basses and processed vocals
Wild Chases
10 hard-hitting electronica-based construction kits
Wild Chases Revisited
Hard Hitting Guitar Sounds
Wonky Toys
Crazy rhythms and grooves

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