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Toontrack Winter Promotions

Banner Toontrack Winter Promotions

Until the end of December Toontrack offers various Winter Deals!

EZD & SDX Expansions - 40% OFF:

EZX Extensions for EZ Drummer now only € 35
(excluded are Big Band, Pop Punk, Custom Shop, Drums of Destruction, Action, Hard Rock, UK Pop as well as new releases & bundles)

SDX Expansions for Superior Drummer now only € 83
(excluded are Decades, Orchestral Percussion, The Rock Foundry as well as new releases & bundles)

Added Values Offers:

- Buy EZdrummer 2 and get an EZX expansion of your choice for free!
- Buy EZkeys and get an EZkeys sound expansion of your choice for free!
- Buy EZmix 2 and get an EZmix Pack of your choice for free!
The free items can be selected during registration at Toontrack

Bundle Offers:

- EZdrummer 2 Bundle including 2 EZX expansions of your choice now only € 159!
- EZKeys Essential Pianos Bundle including 4 Pianos now only € 159!
- EZKeys Bundle 3 EZkeys of your choice now only € 159!
- EZmix 6 Pack Bundle, 6 EZmix Packs of your choice now only € 86!
- SDX New York Studio Bundle - SDX New York Vol. 1-3 now only € 259!

PLEASE NOTE: All "added value" additional free products are provided directly when registering the purchased product in the Toontrack customer account. The EZdrummer 2 included in the EZdrummer 2 bundle is NOT valid for the receipt of another free EZX library. This also applies to the EZkeys Pianos in the EZkeys Essential Pianos Bundle and the EZkeys licenses in the EZkeys Bundle and EZmix 2.

Produits participants:
Beatstation is your "go to" instrument for quickly getting a
Drum sampler for musicians and producers!
EZ Drummer 2 Bundle
EZdrummer 2 including 2 EZX Sound libraries of your choice
EZkeys Bundle
Three EZkeys instruments of your choice
EZkeys Dream Machine
Hybride instrument, Toontrack EZkeys line
EZkeys Essential Pianos Bundle
4 pianos in one box including EZkeys engine
EZkeys Grand Piano
A Revolutionary Songwriting Tool and Virtual Piano!
EZmix 2
Mixing Tool, pro-designed effect chains
EZmix 6 pack Bundle
6 global EZmix-Pack license codes
EZX Alt-Rock
Alt-Rock Extension for EZ Drummer 2
EZX Americana
EZX expansion for EZdrummer
EZX Big Rock Drums
The thunderous tone of classic ‘70s hard rock
EZX Claustrophobic
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Dream Pop
Tailored for modern Music Production
EZX Drumkit From Hell
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Electronic
Expansion set for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer
EZX HipHop
Acoustic & electric Drums, Percussion & Drumcomputer
EZX Indie Folk
Indie folk extension for EZDrummer
EZX Jazz
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Latin Percussion
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Made Of Metal
Metal Extension for EZdrumer 2 & Superior Drummer 2
EZX Metal Machine
Metal Expansion Kit for EZdrummer
EZX Metal!
9 Custom drum sets, including incredible midi grooves.
EZX Metalheads
Metal Expansion for EZdrummer
EZX Nashville
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Number 1 Hits
Expansion for EZdrummer
10 Pop drumsets as expansion for EZdrummer
EZX Pop/Rock
The original Sounds and MIDI Grooves from EZdrummer 1
EZX Post Rock
Unpredictable and almost cinematic Drums
EZX Progressive
Richly textured Drum Sounds tailored for Metal or Heavy Rock
EZX Reggae
Reggae Extension for Ezdrummer 2 & Superior Drummer 2
EZX Rock Solid
Extension for EZdrummer, from Classic Rock to Metal
The drums perfect for any type of skirt!
EZX Seventies Rock
Unprecedented palette of Drums for your 70s-inspired music
EZX Southern Soul
Sound Expansion for EZDrummer 2
EZX The Blues
Blues extension sets for EZDrummer
EZX The Classic
Additional Classic kits for EZdrummer
EZX The Funkmasters
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Traditional Country
Legendary Country Drums for EZDrummer 2
EZX Twisted Kit
Expansion set for EZdrummer
EZX Vintage Rock - Brushes & Sticks
SDX Custom & Vintage
Expansion pack for Superior Drummer
SDX Indiependent
Genuine collection of vintage drums for indie music
SDX Metal Foundry
Expansion pack for Superior Drummer
SDX Metal Machinery
Metal Extension for Superior Drummer 2 with 3 Kits
SDX Music City USA
Expansion pack for Superior Drummer
SDX New York Studios Vol. 2
SDX Extension for Superior Drummer
SDX New York Studios Vol. 3
Extensions sets for Superior Drummer NY Studios Vol.3
SDX New York Studios Vol.1
Factory sounds of Superior Drummer 2.0
SDX Roots - Brushes, Rods & Mallets
SDX extension with brushes, rods and mallets
SDX Roots Sticks
SDX Roots extension, palyed with sticks
SDX The New York Studios Bundle
The complete superior experience for SD3
SDX The Progressive Foundry
Most profound expansion in the Superior Drummer Line
SDX The Rock Warehouse
3 complete & huge drum sets for Superior Drummer

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