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Steinberg Summer Sale - Save 40% Off Cubase Pro

Banner Steinberg Summer Sale - Save 40% Off Cubase Pro


All customers who purchase and register Cubase Artist 11 during the promotional period from July 1st to July 31st will automatically receive a free ActivationCode for the major Cubase Pro 11 version.
You´ll save around 40% compared to the purchase of the Pro version!

But that's not all:

Throughout this special offer, as a user of any other DAW you can also take advantage of the Cubase Pro Competitive Crossgrade promotion (proof required!) and save 40% Off the Crossgrade to the latest version of Cubase Pro!

Important: The Competitive Crossgrades must be ordered individually per order.
Please send the "Claim Form" (under more Info) with the required proof to immediately after your order and allow a processing time of 2-3 days for validation through the supplier.
Crossgrade orders are limited to 1 per person!

Produits participants:
Cubase Artist
Perfect introduction to the world of Cubase 11!
Cubase Pro
Le choix des producteurs en version 11
Cubase Pro Competitive Crossgrade
Crossgrade compétitif pour les propriétaires de DAW

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