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Sonuscore - Up to 50% OFF

Banner Sonuscore - Up to 50% OFF

Sonuscore Black November - 50% Off Bundles & 40% Off Single Products!

Valid through December 6th.

Produits participants:
Ethnic Flute Phrases
Live Recorded Phrases & Techniques
Ethnic String Phrases - Esraj & Erhu
Live Recorded Phrases & Techniques
Lyrical Bundle
Bundle for creating extraordinary vocal & string phrases
Lyrical Cello Phrases
Expressive Phrases and Legato Instrument
Lyrical Violin Phrases
Brilliant, live recorded Phrases & Techniques
Lyrical Vocal Phrases
Crystal-clear and celestial vocal phrases
Origins Bundle Vol. 1-5
5 Origins Volumes in a Package!
Origins Vol. 6: Muted Guitar & Harmonics
Two electric guitars – played and processed differently
Origins Vol. 7: Tar & Chonguri
Two incredibly beautiful Eastern String Instruments
Origins Vol.1: Steel Tongue & Sansula
Two unique instruments for rich and diverse sonic landscapes
Origins Vol.2: Music Box & Plucked Piano
Two individually playable instruments for eery soundscapes
Origins Vol.3: 12-String & Balalaika
Two individually playable cinematic & modern instruments
Origins Vol.4: Oud and Qanun
Mystical, arabian & oriental sounds and textures
Origins Vol.5: Ukulele and Muted Piano
Discover the 5th member of the Sonuscore Origin Series

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