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Sonora Cinematic - Summer Sale - Up to 50% Off

Banner Sonora Cinematic - Summer Sale - Up to 50% Off

Get up to 50% Off all Sonora Cinematic and Gothic Instruments products!

Offer valid through August 31st.

Produits participants:
Dronar Brass
Evolving Atmospheric Pads and Pulses with a rich Brassy Core
Dronar Cinematic Atmospheres
Highly expressive Soundscape Creator
Dronar Dark Synthesis
Expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creator
Dronar Distorchestra
Deep, expressive & innovative Atmospheric Sound Creator
Dronar Glitchscapes
Expressive atmospheric sound creator for Kontakt
Dronar Guitarscapes
Guitar-based pad, soundscapes and atmosphere creator
Dronar Hybrid Module
Revolutionary atmospheric sounds generator
Dronar Live Strings
Playable pads and atmospheres creator
Dronar Master Edition
Thrill or uplift your listeners in just a few seconds
Dronar Orchestral Woodwinds
Create complex, mind-expanding atmospheres
Dronar Vintage Synth
Expressive soundscapes and atmospheric pads creator
Dronar World Flutes
Expressive atmospheric sound creator
Magnetism Bundle
Textural Synthesizer Bundle for Kontakt
Magnetism Vol. 1 - Bright Textures
Cinematic Sounddesign-Tool for Kontakt
Magnetism Vol. 2 - Dark Textures
Cinematic Sounddesign-Tool for Kontakt
Modular Explorations
Inspiring and unique textures and loops
Poiesis Cello
The first chapter in the Poiesis strings series

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