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Sonible - Summer Sale - Up to 60% Off

Banner Sonible - Summer Sale - Up to 60% Off

Speed up your workflow & add new possibilities to your audio mixing and mastering with plugins by Sonible.

Save up to 60% on all Plugins and Bundles until August 6.

Produits participants:
The surgical Sound Design Tool by sonible
frei:raum | three EQs - one plug-in
The acoustic Zoom Plug-in by sonible
smart:EQ 3, smart:compressor, smart:reverb
The spectro-dynamic compressor
smart:EQ 3
The world's first multitrack EQ
smart:EQ 3 Upgrade
Upgrade for users of smart:EQ 2
smart:EQ live
The intelligent Live EQ by sonible
The source-adaptive reverb
Sonible Studio Bundle
smart:EQ 2, smart:comp, proximityEQ+, entropyEQ+, smart:rev
Special EQ Bundle
Three special EQs by sonible

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