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Rast Sound - Up to 50% Off

Banner Rast Sound - Up to 50% Off

Rast Sound End of Year Offer: Up to 50% Off Solo Libraries & Collections!

Produits participants:
African Colours
African drums, instruments & vocals
African Rhythms
10 drums from North & South Africa
African Vocals
Tribal Chants, Solo Instruments & Patterns
Anatolian Percussion V2
Enjoy authentic percussions from the Middle East
Artsy Beats
Make your drums sound powerful and unique
Asian Colours
Authentic Far Eastern Soundscapes and Instruments
Atlas 2
Instruments from all over the World
Balkan Vocals
Explore a big variety of Balkan vocal sounds
Bit Field
Organic elements turned into drums
Create something unique, play and morph in real time
Calm Pro
Create relaxing ambiences and textures
Ceremonial Vocals
Intriguing vocal library from mysterious ceremonies
Childrens Choir
A children's choir library for Kontakt
Choirs Boutique
Unique Choir library - transformed, designed, inspiring
Emotional and atmospheric soundscapes
Cinescapes PRO
Smart Ambient Music Maker
Colours Collection
Exceptional, outlandish, authentic, modern sounds
Contemporary Colours
Contemporary classical and theatrical music backgrounds
Deep Element
Minimal, deep and melancholic soundscapes
Designer Drums
Dual layer intelligent rhythm engine
Eastern Clarinet
The magical sound of the Middle Eastern Clarinet
Elements Collection
Mood Setting And Sound Design Tools For Film & Game Work
Ethno Collection
From Africa to Middle East, from Drones to tribal grooves
EthnoCinematic Vibe
Ethnic sounds turned into modern ambiences
Organic recordings from Africa to Middle East
Ethnoscapes and Drones
A range of Soundscapes and Drones from Rast Sound
Self Modulating Multi-FX Plugin
3 Fretless Instruments
Generative Collection
Create unique melodies, rhythms and ambiences
Hang Melo II
Hang drum sound 2.0
Inca Spirit Vocals
One of a kind vocal library from Amazonas
India Vocals
Authentic chants and spoken phrases from India
Indian Flute
The magical sound of the Indian flute
Indian Rhythms
Dedicated Indian Percussion Collection
Indie Vocals
Vocal Performances, playable Instruments, Patterns & Phrases
Kemane String V2
Expressive string instrument from the Middle East
World strings at hand
Master Shakuhachi
Shakuhachi - Solo Instrument, Performances & Patterns
Mideast Rhythms
Collection of Natural & Cinematic Middle Eastern Drums
Mideast Vocals Collection
The voice of the Eastern realms
MidEast Vocals I
The female soul of Eastern chants
MidEast Vocals II
Authentic voices from the Middle East
Multi Voice Smart Music Generator
Mott and White
Modular & Analog Synths, Foley Rhythms & Natural Instruments
Micro Variety Effect Plugin
Oud String
Authentic Middle Eastern fretless instrument
Persian Vocals
Listen to the voices from the Middle East
Rare Instruments Collection
An inspiring, musical exploration
Rare Winds Collection
Collection of 5 World Flute Instruments
RIG - Rhythmic Inspiration Generator
Ritual Vocals
Vocal performances from Africa & South America
RS World Colours
10 unique World Libraries
Slavic Vocals
The richness of Slavic vocal culture
Sounds of Cambodia
Instruments and vocals from Cambodian culture
Sounds of Mars
The tremendous force of a planet
Sounds of Mesopotamia
Ethnic Vocals, Local Instruments & Drums
Sounds Of Morocco
First library from Morocco ever produced
Strings Boutique
Not a classic string library
Sufi Ney
An awe-inspiring, ancient flute
An intuitive way to perform live with loops
Tech Collection
Cinescapes Pro, Designer Drums, Blend & Sounds of Mars
Transform any sound with self modulating resonators
Vocal Morphs PRO
Create unique playable vocal performances
No need to purse your own lips
World Vocals Collection
Playable Vocal Instruments from all over the World

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