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Output Spring Sale - 35% Off

Banner Output Spring Sale - 35% Off

Output Spring Sale - 35% off innovative software instruments for musicians, composers, producers, and sound designers across all genres.

Offer valid through May 17th.

Produits participants:
Adrenaline Expansion Pack for Signal
Energetic, action-packed Pulses
Airlift Expansion Pack for Analog Brass & Winds
Atmospheric airy sounds for Analog Brass & Winds
Ambient Vocals Expansion Pack for Exhale
Analog Brass and Winds
Powerful Orchestral Sounds and Legendary Synths
Analog Strings
Virtual Strings for the modern music maker
Barely Vocals Expansion Pack for Exhale
Expansion Pack for Exhale "Barely Vocals"
Base Bass Expansion Pack for Substance
BEAUTIFUL PADS Expansion Pack for REV
Beautiful Pad Presets for REV
Beyond 4/4 Expansion Pack for Movement
Add interesting rhythms to any track
Booty Bass Expansion Pack for Substance
Powerful sub kicks, pumping arps & vintage low-end character
Brass Knuckles Expansion for Analog Brass & Winds
Dynamite, punchy brass sounds to rock your planet!
Chaos Expansion Pack for Portal
Transform your sound with 100 presets for Portal
CINEMATIC Expansion Pack for Signal
Cinematic - Expansion pack for Signal
CLASSIC ANALOG Expansion Pack  for Signal
Classic Analog Synths Expansion for Signal
Current Expansion Pack for Movement
Subtle shifts and gradually evolving rhythms.
DESOLATION Expansion Pack  for Rev
Desolation - Expansion pack for REV
Dystopian Bass Expansion Pack for Substance
Dramatically deep bass for earth-shattering low end
The first truly modern Vocal Engine
GLOW Expansion Pack for Signal
GLOW - Expansion pack for Signal
Indie Vocals Expansion Pack for Exhale
Modern String Beds Expansion for Analog Strings
Beds with modern edge and a dash of grit
Neon Strings Expansion Pack for Analog Strings
Output Bundle
Get all Output engines, effects, and expansions
Granular FX Plugin
The World’s First Reverse Instrument Suite
Rev & Signal Bundle
Bundle containing Rev & Signal
REV X-Loops
REV X-LOOPS - the acclaimed REV loops engine on its own
The World’s Most Powerful Dedicated Pulse Engine
Spacetime Expansion Pack for Movement
Shifting rhythms, spatial textures, & frozen reverb tails
A completely new breed of bass
TAPE LOOP Expansion Pack  for Signal
Tape Loop - Expansion Pack for SIGNAL
Interactive Distortion Plugin
TRANSLUCENCE  Expansion Pack for Rev
Translucence - Expansion Pack for REV

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