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MIA Laboratories - Up to 85% OFF

Banner MIA Laboratories - Up to 85% OFF

MIA Laboratories - Virtual Audio Engineering Solutions based on Traditional Recording Gear.

Save up to 85% until Januar 11th.

Produits participants:
358 Enhancer
Control and enhance your Bass and Treble
409 Opto Compressor
Compressor, Colour, and Saturator
413 Tape Saturator
Tape Emulation & Distortion Plug-in
925 Compressor MKII
MIA Laboratories’ preferred Main Mix Compressor
980 Spark
Unit consisting of Compressor, Colour, and Saturator
MIA Complete Bundle
ALL MIA plugins, at a fantastic price!
Mia Compressor ONE
MIAs Premier Compressor
Musiqual Super Bundle
Three Musiqual EQs & three One-Knob-Style Plug-ins
Pi and Phi MkIII
"Phase and Time EQ" - Confused? Well, hear for yourself.
Super Bundle
Super Thin, Super Fat & Super Muscle

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