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MIA Laboratories - Up to 85% OFF

Banner MIA Laboratories - Up to 85% OFF

MIA Laboratories - Virtual Audio Engineering Solutions based on Traditional Recording Gear

Save up to 85% on various Plug-ins until December 7.

Produits participants:
358 Enhancer
Control and enhance your Bass and Treble
409 Opto Compressor
Compressor, Colour, and Saturator
413 Tape Saturator
Tape Emulation & Distortion Plug-in
925 Compressor
MIA Laboratories’ preferred Main Mix Compressor
980 Spark
Unit consisting of Compressor, Colour, and Saturator
MIA Complete Bundle
ALL MIA plugins, at a fantastic price!
Mia Compressor ONE
MIAs Premier Compressor
Mia Delay dt
Hardware-style Echo/Delay Unit
Musiqual Blue SE
Premium EQ, inspired by the 80s
Musiqual Green SE
Add or subtract that analogue 1990’s colour
Musiqual Red SE
The tube sound you always wanted
Musiqual Super Bundle
Three Musiqual EQs & three One-Knob-Style Plug-ins
Pi and Phi MkII
"Phase and Time EQ" - Confused? Well, hear for yourself.
Super Bundle
Super Thin, Super Fat & Super Muscle
Super Fat
Get Colorful and Fatten your Mixes
Super Muscle
Increases loudness and presence without compression
Super Thin
Add Some Brilliance to your Music

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