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InMusic Hot Offers - up to 80% OFF

Banner InMusic Hot Offers - up to 80% OFF

Up to 80% OFF selected products from various manufacturers!

Offer expires by the end of May 2020.

Produits participants:
Big Bang - Cinematic Percussion
Epic Percussion Instrument
Big Bang - Universal Drums
Deeply sampled custom built drum kits
Classic electronic drum kits
Creative FX Collection PLUS
Drum Synth 500
Live and studio performance drum software
Essential Keyboard Collection
Thirteen powerful Keyboard Instruments
Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade
Inspiring collection of twenty virtual instruments
Film Score Companion
Complete Film Score Sound Production Package
Hybrid 3
High-Definition Analog Synthesizer
MPC 2.5 Premier
A Cutting-Edge Production Suite + great bundles
MPC 2.5 Standard
A Cutting-Edge Production Suite
Solina Redux
Highly Expressive Arp Solina String Ensemble Emulation
A powerful Supersaw & FM Synth
Structure 2
Multi-timbral Sampler Instrument
Transfuser 2
Melodic & Rhythmic Groove-Creation Instrument
Spectral Morphing Synthesizer
Vacuum Classic
Monophonic vintage synthesizer feat. Vacuum Tube Synthesis
Vacuum Pro
Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
Velvet 2
Five legendary Electric Pianos
VIP Plus
Bundle containing the VIP software and Air Music plug-ins
VIP Standard
Direct control of your entire VST library
Vocalizer Pro
Progressive Vocoder Instrument
Dubstep Grime Generator

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