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IKM - Total Studio Spectacular

Banner IKM - Total Studio Spectacular

Through May 31 you can save up to $/€600 on Total Studio 3.5 MAX!

Total Studio 3.5 MAX is the freshly updated and most extensive edition yet of our popular software suite for music creation. Version 3.5 adds SampleTron 2, all 4 virtual X-GEAR pedals for AmpliTube, 8 new SampleTank libraries, and new T-⁠RackS modules like FAME Studio Reverb, Comprexxor, and TASCAM Tape Collection!

Produits participants:
Total Studio 3.5 MAX
The ultimate collection of authentic sounds and gear
Total Studio 3.5 MAX Crossgrade
Crossgrade for owners of any IK-Multimedia product
Total Studio 3.5 MAX Upgrade from TS2MAX
Upgrade for owners of Total Studio 2 MAX
Total Studio 3.5 MAX Upgrade from TS3MAX
Upgrade for owners of Total Studio 3 MAX
Total Studio 3.5 MAXgrade
For owners of IKM MAX products

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