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IKM - Power Reels Krazy Deal

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Power Reels Krazy Deal: 6 tape-based plug-ins for the price of 1!

The allure of tape machines is easy to understand – the iconic character is part of the sonic signature of so many of the greatest songs ever recorded. And now you can get six incredible tape machine recreations at once, for the special price of only € 99.

The Power Reel Collection includes:

Space Delay, Tape Echo, and 4 Analog Tape Machines: Ampex 440B, Studer A80 Mk II, Revox PR99 Mk II, and Sony MCI JH24.

Extended till April 27.


Produits participants:
Power Reels Collection
Collection of six tape-based plug-ins
T-RackS Space Delay
The warm, rich tape echo of an icon

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