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Flux: Up to 75% OFF

Banner Flux: Up to 75% OFF

Flux - Professional Plug-ins for Mixing, Mastering & Post Production - Up to 75% OFF until December 14!

Produits participants:
Bitter Sweet Pro
Frequency Dependent Transient Designer
Limiter for the exact compliance of technical parameters
Precision Tool for Equalizing & Filtering
Full Pack 2
Full pack plug-in bundle with all FLUX effects
Pure Compressor
Pure Compressor - Precision With Full Control
Pure DCompressor
Recover the original dynamics of an Audio Signal
Pure DExpander
Pure De-Expander increases the low-level of a signal
Pure Expander
Remove disturbing noise or roomeffects from signals
Pure Limiter
Transparent Dynamics Control
Single Band Dynamics Processor for Mastering applications
Syrah - a new generation dynamics processor.

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