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Bitwig Summer Special - Save Now!

Banner Bitwig Summer Special - Save Now!

Bitwig Summer Special: Bitwig Studio 16-Track only € 69 and Bitwig Studio 3 only € 249!

Bitwig is a modern, innovative software for music production and performance. Bitwig Studio seamlessly combines the classic arrangement view with a performance-oriented clip launcher for improvisation based on audio and instrument clips.

Produits participants:
Bitwig Studio
Digital Audio Workstation for Windows, macOS, and Linux
Bitwig Studio 12 Month Upgrade Plan
12 month upgrade plan for Bitwig Studio
Bitwig Studio 16-Track
Native cross-platform DAW
Bitwig Studio Upgrade from 16-Track
Upgrade from Bitwig Studio 16-Track
Bitwig Studio Upgrade from 8-Track
Upgrade from Bitwig Studio 8-Track

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