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Ample Sound - Metal Special - 25% OFF

Banner Ample Sound - Metal Special - 25% OFF

Ample Sound extends the Metal Ray5 with a "Finger Library" for Korn & Limp Bizkit style productions. To celebrate this release, all Ample Sound Metal Libraries & Bundles are reduced in price by 25%!

Offer available until October 31st.

Produits participants:
Ample 13in1 Guitars Bundle
Bundle containing all 13 Ample Sound Guitars
Ample 3in1 Metal Bundle
Metal Guitar Eclipse, Metal Bass Ray5 & Metal Hellrazer
Ample 7in1 Bass Bundle
Bundle containing 7 Ample Sound Basses
Ample Bass Metal Ray5 - AMR
Virtual Bass based on a Stingray 5 Classic Metal Bass
Ample Metal Eclipse - AME
Bring the ESP Eclipse Guitar Sound to your Studio
Ample Metal Hellrazer - AMH
9-string Electric Guitar based on a Schecter Hellraiser
Ample Sound Complete Bundle
Bundle containing all Ample Sound Products

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