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AIR Music Sale - 70% OFF

Banner AIR Music Sale - 70% OFF

AIR Music Sale - 70% Off all products!

Produits participants:
AIR Drum Machine Pack
Drum Machine Bundle including Boom & DS 500
AIR Essential Pianos Pack
A huge collection of keyboard instruments
AIR Essential Synths Pack
Three Powerhouse Synths in One Bundle
Air Expansion Pack 3
Three Legendary Synths in one bundle
AIR Legends Pack
Tonewheel Organ, Vintage Synth & All-in-one Workstation
AIR Power Pack
Three Powerful Synths in One Bundle
Classic electronic drum kits
Creative FX Collection PLUS
Virtual classic tonewheel organ
Drum Synth 500
Live and studio performance drum software
Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade
Inspiring collection of twenty virtual instruments
Expansion Pack 3 Select Upgrade
Inspiring collection of twelve virtual instruments
Hybrid 3
High-Definition Analog Synthesizer
Hundreds of Instruments and Extensive MIDI Control
Loom 2
Award-winning modular additive synthesizer
Loom Classic
Modular Additive Synthesizer
Mini Grand
Powerful virtual piano instrument
Strike 2
Drum and arranger instrument
Structure 2
Multi-timbral Sampler Instrument
Super Synth Pack
Three Legendary Synths in One Bundle
The Riser
Synth-based Transition Designer
Transfuser 2
Melodic & Rhythmic Groove-Creation Instrument
Vacuum Classic
Monophonic vintage synthesizer feat. Vacuum Tube Synthesis
Vacuum Pro
Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
Velvet 2
Five legendary Electric Pianos
Multitimbral All-in-one Workstation

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